How to Parry in Spider-Man 2

by Thomas Cunliffe
Image: Marvel, Insomniac

Spider-Man 2’s combat has received a huge upgrade, feeling snappier and more fluid than ever before. Along with new moves and gadgets, both Spideys can parry enemies to avoid damage that can’t be dodged. Here’s how to parry in Spider-Man 2, when you should use it, and our tips on improving your combat skills.

Parrying in Spider-Man 2, Explained

To parry in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, press L1 just before an enemy hits you with a melee attack. You’ll know your timing is right by the red Spidey-sense pattern above Miles or Pete’s head.

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy

Parrying an enemy will block their attack and stagger them, leaving them open for a parry follow up by pressing Square. Attempting to parry while Spidey-sense is showing white will result in a block. You won’t take damage, but the enemy won’t be staggered either.

For melee attacks, parrying is usually far superior to dodging due to the free stagger and heavy damage. You still have to dodge projectiles and bullets, though.

How to Parry Heavy Attacks

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy

Heavy attacks can’t be dodged and have to be parried to avoid damage. You can identify heavy attacks by the large circular Spidey-sense symbol around the enemy, as well as their unnecessary theatrics. Hit L1 when the symbol goes red to dodge the attack and give them a good whack.

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All Parry Upgrades in Spider-Man 2

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy

Parry can be improved through Skill upgrades in the Shared Skill tree. Each costs one Skill Point and is purchasable shortly after the first mission.

  • Parry Disarm — Parrying a light enemy’s attack will disarm their weapon(s).
  • Parry: Web Blast — Webbing a parried enemy causes them to fly back, similar to the Impact Web in the first game.
  • Amped — Parrying an enemy grants additional Focus. Perfect for when your health is low and you need a quick heal.

Parrying can be tricky to get accustomed to when you’re used to dodging in previous Spider-Man games. I’ve certainly been defeated a time or two due to poor parries, so I highly recommend practicing in the early game so you’re ready for what comes next. City crimes are a great opportunity to hone your skills and earn some XP for Skill upgrades.

This guide was written while playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PlayStation 5.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2023

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