How to Parry in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Is this a matter of "git gud", or is there more to it?

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

There’s a lot of depth in the combat in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. One of the mechanics you MUST master is the parry or deflect mechanic. However, some may be struggling to perform it for a plethora of reasons. So, in any case, this is how you can perform a parry in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

How to Perform a Parry in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The game tells you what button to press, but there is more to just pressing the button. If you’re here, you might be struggling for two reasons: your timing might be off or your equipment load might be too heavy. 

Timing Parries Correctly

You can perform a deflect on any enemy if you properly coordinate the timing of their attacks. It might take some time to get used to as there are multiple enemy types with weapons, along with different variants and bosses. 

If you feel like your parry isn’t working, I’d highly suggest trying to fight normal enemies near a resting point. Getting the timing down as a new player will be difficult, especially if your internal timer is off or if you crack under pressure. 

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Next, you should hold the block button while trying to perform a parry. That way, if your timing was like this, you’ll most likely block the attack and lose Spirit over HP. 

Reduce Equipment Weight

What players have been reporting is that you lose the ability to deflect if your equipment weight exceeds 100%. Typically in games like these, if your equipment totals above that, you are then in an “over-encumbered” state. This means that your character will be even slower than if you were wearing a heavy set.

This means that your mobility is slower, your dodges have fewer invincibility frames, and your stance is more likely to break. You use more spirit for doing anything as a result of carrying armor too heavy for you.

If you do want to run heavy armor because of large defense numbers, try staying below the 100% threshold. To equip heavy armor and stay below a heavy weight, you should ideally spec into the Earth Virtue. 

However, if a heavy attacking playstyle doesn’t suit you, go for what we think is the good starter way to level your character. You can still rock some decent armor sets so as long as they’re within a certain weight range of your choice. 

- This article was updated on March 3rd, 2023