Which Virtue Should You Level Up in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

Which element is the right one for you?

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

When starting Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, you’re thrown immediately into the thick of battle. You learn the ropes as you get through the Village of Calamity. However, there comes a point where you’ll earn enough Genuine Qi (or experience points) to rank up different stats. They’re called Virtue levels, so which ones should you level up first in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

Which Virtue Should You Level Up in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

This will be very dependent on what kind of playstyle you want to have. First, we have to break down what each Virtue does to get a better understanding of what each one does to see what weapon class you’d like to play with. Here they are:

Wood Virtue – Shock damage

This virtue increases your base HP significantly more than the other virtues. It will also affect how much Spirit you lose upon being attacked. Wood is perhaps the better class for beginners as it provides a lot of survivability and self-sustenance.

The Wood Virtue upgrade path also contains the Absorb Vitality Wizardry Spell. This spell gives you a temporary life-steal ability, making you harder to kill. 

Recommended weapon types: Swords, straight sabers, staffs, spears, dual swords, dual halberds

Fire Virtue – Burn damage

The Fire Virtue leveling path is good if you want a standard damaging class. It affects how much Spirit you gain as you land successful hits on enemies. This Virtue will also decrease the amount of Spirit you use when performing Martial Arts. 

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Recommended weapon types: Swords, curved swords, halberds, hammers, poleaxes, spears, dual swords, dual halberds

Earth Virtue – Heaviness accumulation

This leveling path is good for people who want to use the heavier gear. There’s a weight rating for each piece of gear you equip from 1 to 3 bars. 3 is the heaviest, allowing you to wear that without being above the weight limit and having huge penalties for your mobility.

Earth is also good to play a tank role. You can gain significantly more Spirit when you properly deflect an enemy’s attack.

Recommended weapon types: Glaives, halberds, hammers, poleaxes, spears, slashing spears, dual halberds

Metal Virtue – Poison damage

This Virtue is for players who want to maintain high Spirit levels without them deteriorating quickly. Because of this benefit, it works extremely well with spell builds, allowing you to cast spells more often without reaching negative Spirit.

Recommended weapon types: Straight swords, curved sabers, glaives, staffs, hammers, poleaxes, 

Water Virtue – Chill damage

If you want to have a more stealthy approach in combat, the Water Virtue might be for you. This specializes in ranged weapon bonuses and reduces how much Spirit you use when performing a parry or deflect. 

Recommended weapon types: Swords, curved sabers, glaives, halberds, staffs, spears, dual swords

Best Virtue to Level in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Out of all these types, the best early-game combination to use is Wood with Water and Metal as secondaries. For every 3 levels you put into Wood, put one into Water and Metal. It’ll make you very tanky, allowing you to cast spells like Absorb Vitality more often.

You’ll mostly want to use light or medium gear while rocking a majority of weapons that scale off of these three stats. Of course, the higher the grade for wood, the more you should prioritize those in your builds. 

Your HP bar will be quite sizable too. This means that you can survive a lot of lethal attacks from enemies if they hit you with their unblockable moves. You may not have the tankiness from something like Earth, but a large health pool, high mobility, and being a spellcaster will help you significantly more.