How to Respec in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

It might be a bit confusing how to level up in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. There are five virtues to spec into, all having their benefits for a specific build. With the number of weapons and armor you go through, you get a feel of your play style. So, once you start knowing what you want to level up and redo your build, this is how to respec your character in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

How to Respec in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

This feature won’t be unlocked until you complete the main story mission, In Search of the Immortal Wizard. It’s a mission with a recommended level of 25 and isn’t accessible until you reach Part 3 in your travel menu. 

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Upon completing the aforementioned level, you will then notice that the big hut next to your Battle Flag at the Hidden Village will be open. Zuo Ci, the Immortal Wizard, will be sitting inside. Talk to him and you should have the “Reset Parameters” option unlocked. 

When you select this option, you can reallocate Virtue levels into other categories. Say you put all your points into Wood. You can remove as many points from that and put them into other categories you want to level into. You don’t need a special item or anything.

What Happens to Undistributed Virtue?

Nothing will happen if you take away Virtue points and don’t allocate them to one of the five stats. It’ll stay with your permanently as that was already banked Genuine Qi (or experience points). This would only be useful if you wanted to give yourself a challenge and use less. Otherwise, you’re only at a disadvantage for not spending them.

With the Virtue points you’re allocating in your build, you always want to make sure that your weapons of choice scale with what you’re leveling into. For example, if you’re using a sword that has letters on Earth, Fire, and Metal, it wouldn’t do much if you started leveling into Water or Metal. 

The respec system in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty can help you refine builds as you get into the late or endgame. Stats will help you in the long run.

- This article was updated on March 3rd, 2023