Is There an Easy Mode in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

Or will the road to the credits be paved with hundreds of deaths?

by Elliott Gatica

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is not an easy game. It can be considered a souls-like game because it pits you against enemies that can wither down your health in the blink of an eye. Many players who never tried a game like this can be put off by the difficulty. So then comes the question, does Wo Long Fallen Dynasty have an easy mode? 

Is There an Easy Mode in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

To the disappointment of the newer or more casual players of action RPGs, this game does not have one. There isn’t a difficulty slider. Upon starting a new game, you customize your character and are immediately thrown into the heat of battle after a few intro cutscenes.

If you have ever played any games from the Dark Souls or Nioh franchises, the first batch of enemies shouldn’t be too hard. Where the difficulty starts to spike is when you face larger and higher-leveled foes. This also includes bosses at the end of each level.

In typical souls-like fashion, you have to be aware of your surroundings and know how to telegraph enemy attacks. If you don’t follow that, you’re in for a very rough time. 

How to Make Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Easier

Since there isn’t a way to lower the game’s difficulty, you can only really do three things: get good, play co-op, or level up. To succeed in this game, you really have to hone your skills in combat. This includes managing your Spirit Gauge, performing properly timed deflects and counterattacks, and being patient. 

Stamina has been turned into Spirit. You won’t use any of it up while jumping, sprinting, or attacking. Instead, it’s only used when you perform a Spirit Attack (Heavy Attack), Martial Arts, Wizardry Spells, and deflecting. You’ll also lose Spirit when you’re idle or when you take damage.

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As for deflecting, you really have to know when to time enemy attacks. All sorts of attacks can be deflected (or parried). The game will teach you about enemy Critical Blows which are even more important to telegraph. Once you get the hang of deflecting/countering enemy unblockables, you can follow up and return the hurt.

However, the most crucial thing to getting better is being patient. Just because you killed a few Yellow Turban soldiers by mindlessly slashing away at them with your light attacks doesn’t mean that’ll translate well into boss fights. Every enemy hits like a truck in this game, so you have to know which battles to pick and choose. 

If you overextend for one too many hits on a boss, you might be locked into an attack animation and get killed.

Do Builds Matter?

The other way to get better or make the game easier is to level up and create builds. It’ll be much harder to perform the latter until later in the game, but leveling up your core stats can help you go a long way.

Every mission will have a recommended level tied to it. You can just farm smaller enemies to gain Genuine Qi (or experience points) to obtain more levels. Spend those points on stats that benefit your survivability or weapon damage. 

There’s no timer on the levels, so go ahead and farm until you’re strong enough to take down the boss of the level you’re currently struggling in. Though, even if you are above the mission’s recommended level, there still will be some difficulty.