How to Perform Loop De Loop in Spider-Man 2

Check out how to perform the Loop De Loop maneuver in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features a massive improvement to the already acclaimed swinging mechanic featured in both the first game and in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which can be seen in the addition of new moves and features.

One such move is the Loop De Loop, which allows the Spider-Men to perform a looping maneuver in order to generate momentum and lunge themselves forward at massive speed.

But unlike the game-changing webwings, unlocked during the game’s prologue, you will need to complete a few extra steps to unlock the Loop De Loop in the game. Here’s how to unlock and then perform the Loop De Loop maneuver in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

How to Unlock the Loop De Loop in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

You can unlock the ability to perform the Loop De Loop move on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 by unlocking it from the Shared Skill Tree. The Loop De Loop will be the first skill part of the central branch and will cost a single Skill Point to unlock.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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How to Perform the Loop De Loop Move in Spider-Man 2

After unlocking the move, you can perform the Loop De Loop on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 by first reaching a sizeable height and then holding R3 to dive down. Once you start diving, just hold R2 to perform the move. Letting go of R2 before completing the pendulum movement will cause you to perform a simple swing, although with more momentum.

Now that you know how to unlock and perform the Loop De Loop in the game, I highly recommend that you try to play without Swing Assist in order to get the full experience. You can check out how to do so in our How to Disable Swing Assist in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 guide.

This guide was made while playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PS5.

- This article was updated on October 23rd, 2023

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