How to Play Animal Crossing: New Horizons in First Person

You can now view your island from a first-person perspective, with its caveats.

by Gordon Bicker


Animal Crossing: New Horizons now has gained a unique feature to the series which lets players view the island from a first-person perspective. Players have been indulging themselves in the new update, ‘version 2.0.0’ with a whole host of new additions and changes to the experience. Such as new hairstyles and reactions, home storage can be expanded by the player, and even new activities added to the Nook Mileage/Nook Miles+ program among many other additions. Animal Crossing: New Horizon players have a lot to look forward to and this guide will take you through the process of using your new (pro) in-game camera to switch to a first-person perspective of the island.

How to Change to the First-Person view in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Firstly, it should be noted that ‘playing in first person’ can only be accomplished by purchasing the ‘Pro Camera’ improvement for 15oo Miles Points from the Terminal Nook. Once you have purchased the camera improvement, by pressing the ‘–’ button, choose to go into first-person view, or place your phone on a tripod. You will now be able to ‘play’ Animal Crossing: New Horizons in first person.

It should be noted that the player can walk around in first-person while holding the camera.

The Uses of the Pro Camera

The main use of the ‘Pro Camera’ is of course to be able to play Animal Crossing in first person, however, another additional feature is that the camera can be placed on a tripod as aforementioned and thus players will be able to take pictures of their island in all of its glory from the first-person perspective.

Will you be playing through the new update to experience all of the additional features and use the pro camera to play in first-person mode?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available right now on Nintendo Switch.

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