How to play the Forest Guardian Map in Fortnite Creative 2.0 – Map code

Join this impressive world created in Unreal Editor.

by Christian Bognar
Fortnite The Guardian Map Code
Image: Epic Labs

Unreal Editor and Creative 2.0 for Fortnite are here, and with them come some incredibly detailed and beautiful maps for players to explore and play through. Epic Labs have been having some fun with the new tool as they have created a standout map that many players want to enjoy.

This map is called “Forest Guardian” and is a world filled with mysterious creatures that embark players on a journey to complete the guardian’s challenge and fulfill their destiny. If you want to explore this new world, read on as we have the steps to join Forest Guardian.

Forest Guardian Map Code and How to Play

The code for Forest Guardian is 0348-4483-3263. You must follow the steps below to enter this code and the map.

  1. In the Fortnite main lobby, click on change game mode above the play button, bringing you to the discover section of the menu.
  2. Tab over to the Island code option by hitting R1 or RB.
  3. Enter the code listed—0348-4483-3263.
  4. Hit play, bringing you to the map.

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The Forest Guardian map is one of the most impressive maps created in the Unreal Editor. It was shown off during the Unreal Editor stream and showed what the new application is capable of, as it brings years of assets to everyone’s fingertips to discover and create.

With the technology of Unreal Editor in Creative 2.0, fans of the game and those interested in game design will be able to create a whole new world for others to enjoy. There are already some impressive showcases besides Forest Guardian, including Deserted: Domination and The Space Inside. In the former, you get a map that plays like Call of Duty, while the latter has a first-person experience as you go through a series of escape rooms.

We can’t wait for the future of this new program and see all the ideas players come up with. As time goes on, we can only expect that there will be endless options to choose from when selecting a map to play in Creative 2.0.

- This article was updated on March 23rd, 2023

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