How to Re-Enable Achievements After Using Console Commands in Starfield

Time to get your achievements active again in Starfield after using the console commands!

by Gordon Bicker
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Starfield players who like to experiment a little in their game will probably be familiar with console commands and the fact they disable achievements. This of course can cause some issues for those (like myself) who love collecting various achievements across every game. This article will take you through exactly how to get achievements active again in Starfield without the use of any mod.

How to Get Achievements Active After Using Console Commands in Starfield

Once you have opened up the Console Command menu, you will automatically create a “[Modded]” save slot upon your next save. What I recommend doing is making sure you have saved at least once after using any console command. After that, you can pause the game and click on “Load” then press the “B” key. You will notice two save slots (or more depending on how many characters you have) and one of those will have [Modded] next to it and the other will not.

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Click the save slot that does not have the “[Modded]” text next to it and you can then load into any save you have within there. Your achievements will then be active again but make sure to save in this slot again just to be sure. Don’t use any “[Modded]” save if you want achievements through your gameplay. However, there is a bug I found at the moment related to the save slots and I have listed the steps below to fix it and get achievements back.

Bugged Modded Save Slot Fix

  1. Open up the folders on your PC and navigate to “Documents”.
  2. Once you are in there, go to “My Games” then open up the “Starfield” folder inside.
  3. When you are inside there right-click “StarfieldConsoleHistory.log” and delete it.
  4. After that, you can restart Starfield and use your Unmodded save slot again. Your saves now won’t automatically change to be modded from now on. The Modded saves will disappear.

I personally can confirm to you that achievements come back after using this method as I had the same glitch happen to me — be sure to follow every step precisely.

Why Are Achievements Disabled After Using Console Commands?

The reason achievements are disabled when console commands have been used is likely to ensure fair play for achievement hunting between all players. Since console commands are effectively cheats that let you get anything you want, players could easily obtain a lot of achievements without much work. The first time I used console commands was to check what was inside inaccessible weapon cases in The Lodge and I had to then fix my achievements as noted above.

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Now that you know how to activate your achievements again though, you can use console commands whenever you’d like safely as long as you make sure to keep plenty of appropriate saves on your character’s unmodded save slot — enjoy!

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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