How to Remove Emma Wilcox as a Companion in Starfield

Here's how to remove Emma Wilcox as a companion in Starfield!

by J.R. Waugh
How to Remove Emma Wilcox as a Companion in Starfield
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Emma Wilcox is one of the first contacts you make as a Freestar Rangers Deputy in Starfield. In fact, she’s required to join you as you investigate a distress call when incoming mercs threaten a Montara Luna farmer. It’s a fascinating tracking mission and springboard for the entire Freestar Rangers questline, but there’s a catch: you can’t seem to remove Emma from your party. Here’s how you can remove Emma Wilcox as a companion in Starfield!

How to Remove Emma Wilcox as a Companion From Your Crew in Starfield

Complete the “Deputized” mission as part of the Freestar Rangers questline in Starfield to remove Emma Wilcox as a companion. It’s as simple as that, her position in your party is mission-specific, and it’s a pretty fun mission at that so there’s no harm. You’ll have gotten this quest after completing the “Job Gone Wrong” mission upon arriving in Akila City. Usually, though, if you wish to remove any other party member as a companion, you speak to them and, through dialogue options, say you want to part ways.

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Completing the Deputized mission isn’t so bad, though. Montara Luna is in the Cheyenne system just near Akila so you don’t have to fly far. The task involves speaking to Mikaela Waggoner at her farm, then following a set of quest markers where you examine the enemy’s tracks. It’s like a field test as a ranger, your second-ever one after whichever quest you took on at the Freestar bounty board.

As you follow the tracks, you’ll find a small camp set up by the ruffians. Fight them and once they’re defeated, find the “Job’s Done” slate and read it, speaking to Emma and returning to Mikaela to speak with her too, ending the quest. You’ll be able to return to Akila City and Emma will no longer be your companion in Starfield.

- This article was updated on September 5th, 2023

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