How to Solve the Graveyard Puzzle in Cuphead: A Delicious Last Course DLC

Here's how to solve the Graveyard Puzzle in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course.

by Noah Nelson


Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is here and it has a new island that holds a graveyard puzzle that can be found after finishing the first few bosses. To solve the graveyard puzzle, you’ll need a specific item from the Porkrind Emporium. Unfortunately, the tombstone pattern is random for every player, so it isn’t as simple as telling you which ones to interact with. Once you’ve solved the graveyard puzzle, you’ll have to survive a Nightmare which is one of the hidden achievements or trophies for the new DLC.

How to Solve the Graveyard Puzzle in Cuphead

The graveyard is only reachable after defeating Moonshine Mob and Esther Winchester or Glumstone the Giant and Mortimer Freeze and unlocking the Howling Aces section of the map. Before you can solve the puzzle, you’ll need the Broken Relic charm from Porkrind Emporium. It costs one coin and can easily be accessed through a hidden path found behind the three trees on the left towards the waterfall.

The next step in solving the graveyard puzzle in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is talking with the three climbers that are standing on the podiums next to Porkrind Emporium. Each climber will reveal the position of the tombstone that you’ll need to interact with, but it will be hidden within their speech. For example, a climber could say, “I’m the winner and all is right in the world” which would mean that the first tombstone you need to interact with is in the right position.  Based on the climbers’ placement, you’ll know which is first, second, and third. Once you know the combination, walk back to the graveyard and, with the Broken Relic equipped, interact with the tombstones in the correct order. If done correctly, you’ll be able to interact with the center tombstone to start the secret Nightmare fight.

How to Survive the Nightmare in Cuphead

In traditional Cuphead fashion, this hidden Nightmare boss battle is very difficult. You might want to do it with two cups instead of one. In this fight, there is a Demon on one side of the stage and an Angel on the other. Every time you turn, the Demon will switch which side of the stage it is on. The best advice for defeating this boss and surviving the Nightmare is to stay on the cloud that hovers around the stage and continue shooting at the Demon. The Angel doesn’t take damage and won’t attack you, so don’t worry about that. Any time a pillar of fire comes across the screen, switch your direction and it will become an angelic beam instead. After doing this for long enough, you’ll have solved the graveyard puzzle and the A Horrible Night To Have a Curse trophy. For more Cuphead tips and tricks, check out our Cuphead guides.

Cuphead is available now and playable for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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