How to Spawn Items in Unturned

Find out how to get plenty of items in Unturned!

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Smartly Dressed Games

For those struggling to make it through the night in Unturned, there is a bit of an easy way out. For those playing a Single Player game, the ability to spawn different items and weapons can ensure that players can safely make their way through the hordes that are hoping to bring them a swift end. Not only that, but players that are learning the ropes can finally see if anything more exciting can happen the next day, now that they’ve gotten their hands on some guns and supplies. Here’s how to spawn items in Unturned!

How To Spawn Items And Claim Them in Unturned

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  • Unturned-Commands

The first thing that players will want to ensure is that they have clicked “Enable Cheat Codes” before starting up their adventure. If players do not do this, they will not be able to utilize this excellent feature. While the idea of scrounging and finding different weapons and items in the world is quite exciting, having a bit of help when things get rough is also greatly appreciated.

Once players have spawned into their world, they’ll need to ensure that they’ve gotten their hands on a list of all items available in the game, alongside their unique Item IDs. If players do not have these item IDs, they will not be able to spawn a specific piece of equipment that they need to get their hands on.

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Players hoping to get these items will just need to follow these steps to start spawning items in their world:

  • Spawn into world
  • Press the J key to open the world chatbox
  • Type /give [item ID]
  • Claim item using F (if item spawns on the ground)

Since gamers will need to use their keyboard and mouse to make their way through this land, getting to know how all of the controls and keys work will ensure that gamers have quite the time of their life while exploring all of the maps that are currently available in the game. Get ready to jump into the world of Unturned fully stocked up and ready to rumble with the creatures beyond the grave!

- This article was updated on February 20th, 2023