How To Get Wood In Unturned

Need some shelter? Claim some wood!

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Smartly Dressed Games

As gamers get lost in the world of Unturned, the Minecraft meets Escape from Tarkov title that is resurging in popularity on Steam. As players do everything possible to survive these lands, they may need to start worrying about how they’re going to build a shelter, and that is going to require plenty of wood. However, unlike Minecraft, players will not be able to just punch down a tree, so let’s get out and find out how to start getting plenty of wood in this world!

How To Gather Wood In Unturned

  • Chainsaw-Unturned
  • Pick-Up-Wood-Unturned

The first thing that players are going to need is to find either an axe or a chainsaw to get to work on chopping down these trees. Players will likely find these particular items either in Civilian Lands or on a Farm. Check the Fire Department of the map you’re on for a good chance to claim a fire axe, which can be used for trees and chopping down plenty of zombies.

If players are lucky enough to find a chainsaw, they’ll also want to keep some surplus gasoline on their person at all times. Gamers will need to find a Gas Can, which generally can be spotted near Gas Stations, and fill them up at the pumps in the same centralized location. Once this is done, players can head to any tree or wood source and start getting to work.

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If players have found an axe, just keep clicking on the trees until they begin to break, as they will fall once players have gotten enough wacks into it. With a Chainsaw, on the other hand, just click and hold until the tree comes toppling over, and players can spot logs and scraps on the ground that are used for building bases and plenty of other exciting buildings.

If players have the materials, they can also craft an axe, but finding materials in this world can be a bit difficult if players don’t know where to look. Otherwise, if players happen to have x2 Metal Scraps, which can be salvaged from plenty of materials around the map, they’ll be able to start crafting either Axes or Hammers with ease.

- This article was updated on February 20th, 2023