Is Steam Down? Here’s How to Check Steam Server Status

Find out how to see what is going on with the Steam Servers during the Summer Sale Event!

by Shaun Cichacki

There is nothing worse than buying a new game or trying to play online with your friends and getting Steam server errors. It seems that players are reporting some outages with Steam, leaving them unable to properly utilize and use the games that they have purchased.

While a lot of people depend on Steam to play PC games with their friends, you’ll want to make sure that it is something widespread, and not only on your end. Here are the best ways that you’ll be able to check into the status of the Steam Servers, and what you may be able to do to get back into your gaming session faster than ever before!

How To Check Steam Server Status

There are a few different ways that you’ll be able to check and see if other players are having issues with Steam The most popular option is by checking This website shows all of the proper details about the Steam server status. Going into an insane amount of detail, you’ll be able to check on individual parts of Steam to see if you’ll just run into issues trying to make a purchase, or if everything is down and out for the time being.

Using other websites like Downdetector can also help you see what other players are running into when trying to log on, and what the main issues are currently. With the increased traffic, it seems that there are some major issues currently, but as the day winds down a touch, you should be able to start making your way back onto the platform.

Checking social media websites like Twitter will also allow you to see real-time updates in regard to errors, with many players taking to the platform to voice their current frustrations about the Steam outage. Checking into different profiles, such as @SteamStatus will allow you to see what is currently happening on the Steam side of things.

If you’re still running into issues, restarting Steam may be the quickest way to try and fix your issues, so close out of it fully, and sign back in. If you’re still having issues, you could try to reboot your PC, and see if that squashes the bugs hiding within. While your PC is restarting, giving your router a reboot could also help you with some of these issues, as well!

If neither of those options works, uninstalling and reinstalling Steam may be the best option, so you’ll have a fresh installation of the program to work with. However, this is going to be a last resort and isn’t normally advised, as they are usually quite quick on getting things back up and working quickly.

Steam server outages may appear around big sale times like the summer and winter sale periods. It seems that there may be an influx of gamers trying to get onto the Steam platform, causing some issues. Thankfully, the servers are usually only down for a short period, so you’ll be able to get in quickly if you are still running into issues after trying these fixes out!

- This article was updated on December 20th, 2022

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