How to Survive a Rook Storm in Redfall

Calm before the storm.

by Christian Bognar
Image: Arkane Studios

Redfall features a meter that slowly fills up as you upset the Vampire Gods. This meter slowly fills when players kill special vampires, set off alarms, complete main missions, etc. Once this meter is filled, a Rook Storm will happen, with a massive lightning storm and an incredibly challenging boss named “Rook.” So, how do you survive a Rook Storm and bring daylight back to the map? This guide has essential tips for surviving a Rook Storm and getting light back to the map.

Tips to Survive a Rook Storm in Redfall

A Rook Storm will not stop unless the Rook vampire is killed. So, to give yourself an advantage against this deadly beast, ensure you have a stake launcher equipped in your inventory — preferably a Purple or Gold tier level. This is the most potent weapon against the Rook and can potentially take him down in about 6 to 10 shots.

To prevent yourself from getting struck by lighting, it would be best to challenge the Rook inside a closed space such as a house or a building. Don’t make the shelter too small, or else the Rook will have a better chance of damaging you, but being inside the shelter will prevent you from getting struck by any lighting considering the roof protects you.

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Finally, make sure you don’t challenge the Rook anywhere near other enemies — or the enemies will join in, making the battle tremendously harder. This brings me back to the previous point of finding shelter as soon as possible, considering that your chances of attracting enemies are lower if you find shelter during a Rook Storm.

After taking out the Rook, the storm will end, and the meter will return to zero. Make sure to go up to the ashes of the Rook and loot it, considering there is a high chance it will have a gold weapon or a high-leveled Blood Remnant for your hero to increase maximum health.

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