How to Swap Palico Support Moves in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Make your Palico into your greatest pal!

by Marc Magrini


Players starting out in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will likely want to focus on upgrading their own gear. They can do this through obtaining Elgado Tickets by completing quests, or by searching for rare ore in Master Rank locales. But when players eventually face off against the new, powerful monsters introduced in this expansion, they might not know that they could have also improved their buddies. Palicos have gained plenty of new abilities to use during battle, and a new quality-of-life feature makes their abilities even more helpful to players. It’s now possible to swap Palico Support Moves, though you’ll need to unlock the feature first.

How to Swap Palico Support Moves in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

To unlock the Swap Support Move feature, players will simply need to play through the main story of Sunbreak. After reaching certain points, players will receive requests from Nagi the Buddy Agent in Elgado. The first one is unlocked at around MR 3, where he will request that the player obtain a Hermitaur and Ceanataur Hardclaw. Delivering these items will allow the player to swap their Palico’s level 5 support move. This feature can be accessed at the Buddy Dojo. For reference, these are the moves made available at that level:

  • Healing Bubble
  • Go, Fight, Win
  • Whirlwind Assault
  • Zap Blast Spinner
  • Mega Boomerang

The further the player gets in Sunbreak, the more support moves they’ll be able to swap. The only moves that cannot be swapped out are the Level 1 and Level 20 moves, such as Rousing Roar and Poison Purr-ison. Swapping moves is completely free and can be done as much as you like, so there’s no need to repeatedly hire new buddies just to get the skills you want most. If you’ve been neglecting your very first Palico buddy due to a lack of good skills, there’s no need to keep it on the bench any longer!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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