How to Tame Polar Bears in Minecraft

It's chilly outside today with these Polar Bears around!

by Gordon Bicker
Image of Polar Bears in Minecraft.
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Minecraft players are familiar with how to tame various animals such as pigs and horses, but what about Polar Bears? The taming of this specific animal may not function as you would expect and it will be of great benefit to find out why. Before you start learning how to make books and other interesting items, this article will let you find out how to tame Polar Bears in Minecraft.

Taming Polar Bears in Minecraft: The Easy Way

Unfortunately, there is no way to tame Polar Bears in Minecraft at the moment without a mod. This is a great shame for many players who were wanting to take care of the adorable bears. Many may have also been wanting to breed Polar Bears together but again this is not possible.

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You will, however, be able to use a Lead on Polar Bears to bring them along with you on the journey. Simply obtain or craft a Lead and then attach it to the Polar Bear — at which point you can take them to a fence or such near your house and keep them held to the fence. Although the nicer thing to do would certainly be to build a pen around them.

How to Craft a Lead in Minecraft

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

In order to craft a Lead for the Polar Bear you will have to gather at least four pieces of String and one Slimeball. Arrange them in the Crafting Table box as shown above and you will craft two Leads from the resources that you have obtained. These will help with leading other animals to your house too so they are great to have.

Best Minecraft Polar Bear Taming Mod

For those who genuinely want to tame Polar Bears then one of the best mods to get is the ‘Tamable Polar Bears Addon’ by MitchellDawud03. You can feed Polar Bears fish to tame them by use of this mod and even ride them if you so desire. It won’t be only the pigs who are flying soon, Polar Bears will be added to the ranks.

There are plenty of brilliant mods for Minecraft so you will be likely to find other relevant add-ons for Polar Bears.

- This article was updated on February 17th, 2023