How to Thaw Allies in Freezethaw Elimination in Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland

Time to get busy thawing your team!

by Gordon Bicker

Overwatch 2 players are fans of large seasonal events that keep them coming back to the game time and time again, one of these is the Winter Wonderland and players are trying to work out how to thaw allies. While some players are simply just busy entering custom game codes when they know how to and starting their own matches, others prefer to join an official playlist to celebrate the season. This article will take you over the process of how to thaw allies in Freezethaw Elimination in Overwatch 2.

Thawing Allies in Freezethaw Elimination in Overwatch 2

You can join the Freezethaw Elimination mode by going to the Arcade section in the ‘Play’ menu. Whenever an ally gets eliminated on the field of combat they will be turned encased in a shard of ice and frozen. At this point, there will also be a blue hexagon snowflake icon on top of them floating in the air. This indicates that it is one of your own teammates who are frozen. From there you can approach them and a UI button/key prompt will appear. Simply proceed to do one of the following commands below depending on what platform you are on.

  • PlayStation — Hold L3 (Left Stick)
  • Nintendo Switch — Hold Left Stick
  • Xbox — Hold LS (Left Stick)
  • PC — Hold F on the keyboard

After you do this, your ally will be successfully thawed and can go back to the battle when the bar fills up fully in the thawing process.

How to Thaw More Allies Quicker for the Warmhearted Challenge in Overwatch 2

In order to tally up your score of thaws for the related ‘Warmhearted’ challenge to thaw 15 allies, we have found it quicker to always stay close to your teammates in matches, and that way whenever they are eliminated you can begin thawing them right away. This ensures you get the thawing process completed before the enemies begin to surround your teammate to stop any thawing from happening.

All in all, you will be completing challenges to unlock skins and more in no time with this tip of completing thaws quickly.

Overwatch 2 is available right now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 14th, 2022

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