How to Treat Joint Pain in Starfield

Is old age catching up on your character in Starfield with Joint pain? Here's how to fix it.

by Gordon Bicker
Image of a character wearing an astronaught suit jump in Starfield with glistening lights around them.
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Starfield has many afflictions and status effects to get used to early in your journey of the game and without knowing how to treat things such as Joint Paint, they can cause plenty of hassle. Different status effects have their own cure methods so you may not know which to use. This article will take you through how to treat joint pain in Starfield.

Best Ways to Cure Joint Pain in Starfield

First and foremost, the easiest way to cure joint pain is to use any “Immobilizer” you currently have in your inventory. You are likely to find Immobilizers out on your adventures if you are regularly looting enemies and their general surrounding locations. I’d recommend just always taking time to explore a location you visit and loot the important supplies. However, you can easily purchase an Immobilizer from stores and especially doctor labs.

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Speaking of doctor labs, you could also visit a doctor such as in New Atlantis to get the Joint Pain cured and also any other effect by way of credits. I would say it is better to focus on using an Immobilizer to keep your cost down but this will be the best option if you have multiple effects to cure. Furthermore, a Panacea item can also be used to cure everything too if you happen to have one on you.

What Does the Blue Triangle Broken Bone Symbol Mean?

If you have Joint Pain you will notice it listed under a main status effect like a Sprain with a blue triangle symbol next to it. Any “Broken Bone” effect will make you take more damage from enemies so it is an effect that I recommend you treat as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you will ultimately be at high risk of elimination wherever you are.

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Now that you know how to treat any of the broken bone effects you have though, you can take the knowledge back in-game and deal with them efficiently — no more joint pain for your character!

- This article was updated on September 5th, 2023

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