How to Unlock All Levels in Halls of Torment

Are you trying to unlock every Halls of Torment level?

by Gordon Bicker
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Halls of Torment has been taking the gaming community by storm and players (like myself) are working through each level/hall as quickly as possible, but you may be wondering how exactly to unlock each level. There are many side quests to work through and completing certain quests will grant you a new level. This article will take you through how to unlock all levels in Halls of Torment.

How to Unlock New Levels in Halls of Torment

In order to unlock every level you will have to set aside quite a bit of playtime but for the varying environments and atmosphere it will be well worth the time. Unlocking new levels requires you to defeat boss enemies in the levels you already have unlocked. New levels will also be added to Halls of Torment in the future meaning even extra playtime potential for you.

How to Unlock Haunted Caverns

Straight off the bat, you won’t have any issue unlocking Haunted Caverns since it is automatically unlocked from the start. All you have to do is boot up the game, select your character (the Swordsman), and begin the playthrough. Haunted Caverns is great for getting some gold and also easily getting the Archer character in four minutes.

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How to Unlock Ember Grounds

Ember Grounds is a level where you will likely spend a lot of your general gameplay time, this is the level where I have found you really get all of your skills tested that you learned from the first stage. If you want to play in Ember Grounds, you have to defeat the Imp Cheiftan boss which spawns in Haunted Caverns early on.

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The Imp Cheiftan won’t take you too long to defeat and once you have slain them, you don’t have to keep fighting in Haunted Caverns any longer if you don’t want to. When you are back at the camp you can visit the “Register of Halls” which is the gold shrine next to the large door. Interact with it and select “Ember Grounds” as the hall you wish to enter.

How to Unlock the Forgotten Viaduct

Forgotten Viaduct is up next and once you have been thoroughly taunted by the heat of Ember Grounds, you can bring your Battle flames to the Fortgotten Viaduct instead. To unlock the Forgotten Viaduct you have to defeat the Wraith Warlord boss in Ember Grounds. This boss will spawn once around 14 minutes have elapsed in the Ember Grounds — the minute they do spawn, get to work defeating the boss quickly.

After you have eliminated this Wraith Warlord Elite Monster (in other words, a boss), then you can access the Forgotten Viaduct from the camp as per usual. Forgotten Viaduct is the final hall at the time of writing for the game, so once you have completed every quest in the Viaduct along with all the other halls’ quests, you technically complete the game.

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I personally do recommend sticking around on Ember Grounds to complete quests such as the “Wyrm Queen” since you will unlock the Warlock class which is extremely beneficial for the Forgotten Viaduct: you get the character by defeating the Wyrm Queen Boss. A task you may want to complete in The Forgotten Viaduct is rescuing the Cupbearer so it is worthwhile unlocking the hall as fast as possible.

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Since you now know how to unlock every level in Halls of Torment, it is time to jump back into the action and put everything you have learned to work — go slay some enemies!

This guide was written while playing Halls of Torment on Steam.

- This article was updated on July 14th, 2023

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