How to Unlock Lightning Strike Mastery in Halls of Torment

by Drew Kopp
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Halls of Torment’s titular labyrinths become increasingly packed with enemies as the game goes on, but you can tip the scales back in your favor by upgrading your base abilities with Scrolls of Mastery. Lightning Strike is one of the best skills to upgrade, but you’ll need to conquer some dangerous challenges to improve it from its base form. Here’s how to get Lightning Strike Mastery in Halls of Torment.

How to Find Scrolls of Mastery in Halls of Torment

With all abilities in Halls of Torment, you can equip Lightning Strike to your character by finding a Scroll of Mastery. At least one has a good chance of spawning on the map at the start of a round, and they appear as floating pieces of paper drenched in a golden aura. Once you’ve fought your way to them through hordes of enemies, there is a slim chance that Lightning Strike will be one of the abilities you can equip.

How to Upgrade Lightning Strike in Halls of Torment

Unfortunately, while you can acquire the base form of Lightning Strike by finding a Scroll of Mastery, you’ll need to meet some rather challenging requirements to unlock its more powerful variants; Electrifying Strike and Explosive Strike. Both challenges require you to kill many enemies, which you spend most of your time doing in Halls of Torment. I took on these challenges while playing as the Archer since she becomes a medical machine gun once you’ve gotten enough regular upgrades from grinding experience.

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To unlock Electrifying Strike, you must complete the “Ability Expert: Lightning Strike” quest, which shows up on the Ember Grounds map. You can fulfill this quest by ranking Lightning Strike up to level III, which is done by finding enough Scrolls of Mastery to upgrade the ability three times. Electrifying Strike gives enemies stunned by the initial bolt of lightning a 50% chance of becoming Electrified, which slowly deals electric damage over time.

To unlock Explosive Strike, you must complete the “Lightning Strike Mastery II” quest, which can be found on the Haunted Caverns map. Completing this quest requires you to deal 1,500,000 damage to enemies with Lightning Strike. While completing this quest, I focused on clearing out large groups of enemies since Lightning Stike (an Electrifying Strike) deals splash damage. Since the damage requirement for this quest is so large, I recommend acquiring and upgrading the Lightning Affinity Trait. It will boost Lightning Strike’s damage and make it easier to keep the number of enemies on screen from getting too high.

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2023

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