How to Unlock New Characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble

Here's how you can unlock more characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble!

by J.R. Waugh
How to Unlock Characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble
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If you’re a fan of My Hero Academia, chances are you’ve given My Hero Ultra Rumble a fair shot. It’s the latest Bandai Namco experience featuring many of your favorite MHA heroes and villains, each one being given abilities and attacks fitting their character. However, as the game is a battle royale where you don’t have all the characters available, it might be tricky to enjoy your favorite heroes on demand. Here’s how to unlock new characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble!

How Do You Unlock Free Characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble?

There are 3 main methods that allow you to play as other characters for free in My Hero Ultra Rumble:

  • Buying with Character Tickets in the Change Character menu.
  • Randomly winning a character using the Roll feature, will need 10-100 Roll Tickets.
  • Using Rental Tickets (one battle only) to select a character in the Change Character menu.
  • Over time by grinding the Special License (toggled to view in the License menu)

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To use the Change Character menu, go to the main menu where your selected character is visible, and make sure they are highlighted. You’ll see the ‘Change Character’ option where you can use Character Tickets to buy them or run a field test using a Rental Ticket. To use the Roll feature, from the same main menu, hit ‘RB’ / ‘R’ / ‘R1’ until you see the Roll menu.

Which Methods Are Better to Get a New Character in MHA Ultra Rumble?

Of these three methods, the first two will give the characters permanently. Certain characters like Denki, Itsuka, and Tenya are available to purchase, while others are curiously unmarked in the Change Character menu despite being locked. These ones you’ll have to win in the Roll gacha, and you’d be surprised by how quickly you’ll get some even on your first day of playing. That being said, as a gacha mechanic, it’ll likely involve some grinding, so be ready to make a wish when the time comes to roll.

Finally, the last option is best reserved for if you really want to test out a character you can buy before pulling the trigger. You’ll typically get your first set of Rental Tickets after clearing the Tutorial, but these are far more limited so it’s best to hold off until you want a genuine field test. I’d recommend spreading these tickets across multiple different characters to get the most out of it.

- This article was updated on October 1st, 2023

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