How to Unlock Old Scholomance’s Entrance in WoW — Memory of Scholomance

It's back to school with the return of Classic Scholomance in World of Warcraft!

by Thomas Cunliffe
Darkmaster Gandling Old Scholomance WoW
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After over a decade, the Classic version of Scholomance has finally returned to World of Warcraft. It isn’t as simple as waltzing into a Dungeon portal, however. Players will have to complete a set of secret and convoluted tasks to complete a ritual and unlock the entrance. This guide contains everything you need to know to unlock and find Old Scholomance’s entrance in WoW — and earn some previously unobtainable loot.

How to Unlock Old Scholomance in WoW

Each step covered in this guide was originally discovered by the sleuths over at the WoW Secret Finding Discord. You can use the table of contents below to jump straight to a specific set or read the entire article for an in-depth walkthrough containing everything from start to finish.

Table of Contents

Step 1 — How to Get Dark Rune and Essence of Undeath

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Before we make our way to Scholomance, you’ll need to make a quick shopping trip to purchase three Dark Runes and five Essence of Death from the Auction House. Alternatively, you can farm Dark Runes from Cult of the Damned members in Scholomance and the Eastern Plaguelands — and Essence of Death from undead creatures in WoW’s classic zones. At just under 1,000 gold total on my Realm, I found it much easier to purchase them.

Step 2 — How to Find Scholomance

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Before we can walk down memory lane into Old Scholomance, you’ll need to visit the current Scholomance first. Scholomance is in the Western Plaguelands in the Eastern Kingdoms, marked clearly in the bottom right of the map. The exact coordinates to the entrance are 69.72, 73.28. (For TomTom users, the command is /way Western Plaguelands 69.72, 73.28).

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Horde players can take the Undercity portal in Orgrimmar and fly over, while the closest capital city for the Alliance is Ironforge. If you’ve completed the Stratholme Pet Battle Dungeon like me, you can talk to Manapoof in Dalaran for quick transport to Stratholme instead. Who’s laughing about spending precious time on Pet Battles now?

Once you’ve arrived at Scholomance, enter the building and open the door on your immediate left to find the dungeon entrance.

Step 3 — How to Get Krastinov’s Bag of Horrors

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Before you can begin the secret sequence to unlock Old Scholomance, you (or someone in your party) will need the Krastinov’s Bag of Horrors Toy. You can get this by defeating Doctor Theolen Krastinov, a Rare Elite, in modern Scholomance on Heroic difficulty. With Scholomance being an older dungeon, max-level characters will have no problem charging through without a scratch.

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Set your Dungeon Difficulty to Heroic and jump into the foreboding purple portal. One-shot your way through the Dungeon until you’ve defeated Rattlegore. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear the voice line “The doctor is in!” indicating that Doctor Theolen Krastinov is waiting for you in the next room. Bop him on the head and loot him to receive Krastinov’s Bag of Horrors.

Heroic dungeons only reset once per day, so you will have to try on another character or wait until the next day if the doctor is not in. That, or you can beg someone that already owns the Toy to do you a favor. It took me three attempts to get an appointment with the good doctor.

Step 3 — How to Find Eva Sarkhoff and Get the Spectral Essence Trinket

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With preparations complete, we can finally begin the secret method to unlock old Sholomance. Complete an entire Dungeon run of Scholomance and enter the top middle room in the Headmaster’s Study, where you fight Darkmaster Gandling (the final boss).

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In this new room, Hall of the Damned, lies a pile of bones in the top left, in front of the furthest coffer. Use Krastinov’s Bag of Horrors to summon the ghost of Eva Sarkhoff. Deactivate the Toy by right-clicking the icon in the top right of the screen, and you can talk to her. You will receive the Inert Spectral Essence after speaking to her. Don’t forget to pick up Eva’s Femur from her pile of bones, as you’ll need it later. She won’t mind!

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Step 4 — How to Get Eva’s Journal

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Return to The Viewing Room, the classroom area just before Darkmaster Gandling’s boss room. On the first bookshelf to the right of the door, hover over the third shelf down to find Eva’s Journal.

Step 5 — Candle Trade Items

With Eva’s Femur and Journal acquired, we must now find five items in both Plaguelands to trade for the candles needed to perform the ritual. We recommend installing the TomTom AddOn and using the commands provided in each section for a straightforward experience.

How to Find The Road Ahead (Imported Candle)

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Fly to the Eastern Plaguelands and into Corin’s Crossing. Collect The Road Ahead painting inside the abandoned inn (/way Eastern Plaguelands 55.01, 64.05).

How to Find Undelivered Shipment of Smokes (Tobacco-Filled Candle)

  • Undelivered-Smokes-Location-WoW-1
  • Undelivered-Smokes-WoW
  • Undelivered-Smokes-Location-WoW

The next item we need is hidden inside the Stratholme Dungeon (/way Eastern Plaguelands 26.43, 11.79) in Eastern Plaguelands. Take the first two lefts down a dead end that leads to Ezra Grimm’s Premium Tobacco. A box containing the Undelivered Shipment of Smokes is on the cart behind the fountain. Exit the Dungeon once you’ve nabbed them.

How to Find Trampled Doll (Ghost-Warding Candle)

  • Tampled-Doll-Location-WoW
  • Trampled-Doll-WoW

Fly to Darrowshire in the Eastern Plaguelands and head to the small house. To the right, there’s a meat wagon with the Trampled Doll under its right wheel (/way Eastern Plaguelands 36.66, 83.70). There’s a heartbreaking reference in the item description anyone who’s completed the Darrowshire questline will recognize.

How to Find The Deed to Andorhal

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Travel to Andorhal in Western Plaguelands and enter the town hall (/way Western Plaguelands 44.22, 69.22). The Deed to Andorhall is pinned on the wall inside.

How to Find Caer Darrow Fountain Water

  • Caer-Darrow-Fountain-Water
  • Caer-Darrow-Fountain-Water-Location

The last item is in Caer Darrow in Western Plaguelands, the town that houses Scholomance. Head to Caer Darrow’s fountain (/way Western Plaguelands 68.85, 78.86) and click on the pail of water to obtain Caer Darrow Fountain Water.

Step 6 — How to Get Ritual Candles

With all five items collected, it’s time to trade them with the citizens of Caer Darrow. Ensure you have the Spectral Essence Trinket equipped so you can see the ghosts

  • /way Western Plaguelands 65.59, 75.39 Imported Candle
  • /way Western Plaguelands 63.39, 75.51 Tobacco-Filled Candle
  • /way Western Plaguelands 69.15, 68.64 Ghost-Warding Candle
  • /way Western Plaguelands 70.51, 74.04 Authentic Andorhal Candle
  • /way Western Plaguelands 68.02, 74.83 Stinky Candle

How to Get The Imported Candle

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Artist Renfray sells the Imported Candle in exchange for The Road Ahead inside the house next to Caer Darrow’s dock. /way Western Plaguelands 65.59, 75.39

How to Get the Tobacco-Filled Candle

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Rory sells the Tobacco-Filled Candle in exchange for the Undelivered Shipment of Smokes at the end of Caer Darrow’s dock. /way Western Plaguelands 63.39, 75.51

How to Get the Ghost-Warding Candle

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Sammy sells the Ghost-Warding Candle in exchange for the Trampled Doll by Caer Darrow’s fountain. /way Western Plaguelands 69.15, 68.64

How to Get the Authentic Andorhal Candle

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Magistrate Marduke sells the Authentic Andorhal Candle in exchange for The Deed to Andorhal by the wagon near Scholomance’s building. /way Western Plaguelands 70.51, 74.04

How to Get the Stinky Candle

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Joseph Dirte sells the Stinky Candle in exchange for Caer Darrow Fountain Water outside the shed on the second highest level of Caer Darrow. /way Western Plaguelands 68.02, 74.83

Step 7 — How to Find Old Scholomance’s Entrance

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Once you have Eva’s Femur, Journal, and all five candles, you can finally enter old Scholomance. Walk into Scholomance’s building (69.80, 73.64) and take an immediate right. Enter the open room littered with bones and right-click Eva’s Journal to begin the ritual.

How to Enter Old Scholomance

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Once the ritual is complete, you will earn the Memory of Scholomance Achievement, and Eva’s Enchanted Journal will appear before you. From now on, you can enter old Scholomance on any of your characters by interacting with the book and selecting <Read the grim history of Scholomance.>

Scholomance remains (almost) identical to how it was in 2005, which means that previously unobtainable gear can now be earned once again. We say almost, as Blizzard has sneakily hidden a brand-new Toy inside the Dungeon.

How to Find the Familiar Old Journal Toy

Make your way to The Viewing Room inside Old Scholomance. You’ll find bookcases lined with seemingly inconspicuous (and untitled) books in the corner. Hover your mouse on the second shelf of the second bookshelf to the right until it turns into a cog. Click, and you’ll receive the Familiar Old Journal toy.

Using the Toy makes your character replicate the earlier ritual to unlock Old Scholomance. However, instead of unlocking an incredibly nostalgic dungeon, your champion is knocked flat on their back by a purple mist.

If you’re hunting for more World of Warcraft nostalgia, the new Reins of the Quantum Courser item can transform into mounts from WoW’s vast history.

- This article was updated on July 18th, 2023

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