What is a Dilated Time Capsule in WoW Dragonflight? — Uses and Vendor Location

It's about time you traded those Time Capsules in for some rewards.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Shi Everbreeze WoW
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If you’ve ventured into one of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s Time Rifts, you’ll have likely found yourself with a Dilated Time Capsule sitting in your bag. This guide explains what a Dilated Time Capsule does and how you can exchange them for gear suitable for battle in any timeline — or at least good enough to transmog.

What are Dilated Time Capsules Used For in WoW?

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Dilated Time Capsules are tokens used to purchase Item Level 402 weapons and armor from Shi Everbreeze in Tyrhold Reservoir. You can exchange one Dilated Time Capsule for any piece of gear you like, with each piece being Veteran quality and upgradeable to a maximum 424 Item Level.

Players earn one Dilated Time Capsule from completing their character’s first Time Rift of the week, making this a great way to fill gaps your character is missing, catch up on Item Level requirements, or gear up alts. As well as being upgradeable, each piece can also be transformed into a Tier Piece at the Revival Catalyst.

Where to Spend Dilated Time Capsules — Shi Everbreeze Location

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Shi Everbreeze, the Dilated Time Capsule Vendor, is located with the other Time Rift-related NPCs in Tyrhold Reserve, Thaldraszus. Her exact coordinates are 50.96, 56.67. (For TomTom users, the command is /way Thaldraszus 50.96, 56.67).

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I completely missed Shi the first time I completed a Time Rift with the sheer number of players crowded around the area. She’s a Pandaren perched on top of a small broken pillar in the West corner of the camp. As a general tip, you can always find Shi and other Time Rift vendors by the horn icon displayed on the map. Hovering over it will tell you when the next Time Rift occurs or if one is in progress.

In case you haven’t checked them out yet, the vendors to the right of Shi sell various interesting (and occasionally hilarious) items in exchange for Paracausal Flakes. Each vendor offers wares from the various timelines explored in Time Rifts, such as mounts, pets, Trinkets, and cosmetic items. My personal favorites include The Firelord’s Pauldrons (nabbed straight from Ragnaros) and Paracausal Fragment of Thunderfin, Humid Blade of the Tideseeker.

This guide was written while playing World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5. on PC.

- This article was updated on July 12th, 2023

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