How to Unlock Riptide in Modern Warfare 3

Here's how you can unlock Thibault "Riptide" Lefebre in MW3!

by J.R. Waugh
How to Unlock Riptide in Modern Warfare 3 MW3
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Operators are a great way to express yourself in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, although when you unlock Riptide, part of the allure is his shrouded face. Here is how you can unlock Riptide in MW3!

How to Unlock Riptide Operator in MW3

You must get 1 kill with a Cruise Missile killstream in a Multiplayer match to unlock Riptide in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). Upon getting this kill, you’ll receive a notification at the top of your screen saying Riptide is now available.

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How to Unlock Cruise Missile Killstreak in MW3

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This is one of the mid-tier killstreaks in the game, with killer efficiency and instant results. First, on the ‘Weapons’ section of the Multiplayer menu (press R1/RB) select ‘Killstreaks’, and there’s a good chance that you’ve got it preset if you’re starting. Make sure Cruise Missile is selected.

Cruise Missiles require 6 kills without dying in MW3, which’ll be your main obstacle before you unlock Riptide.

Tips for Easy Cruise Missiles to Unlock Riptide in Modern Warfare 3

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The quickest solution is to go to your Multiplayer Loadout from the ‘Weapons’ section, then select ‘Gear’ and equip ‘Mission Control Comlink.’ This reduces the kills needed for each kill streak reward, marking Cruise Missiles down to 5 kills.

Beyond that, if you’re still having trouble, consider the following:

  • Customize your playlists to modes where kills are easier to stack. Team Deathmatch and Hardpoint are good ones for this
  • Consider Ground War where you can potentially have more targets to get killstreaks easier
  • Select your weapons carefully; if you’re on maps with many vantage points over longer distances, consider a sniper rifle. If you’re clearing multiple floors and are in maps featuring indoor areas, consider a shotgun or SMG
  • Consider camping. No shame when you’ve got a goal in mind

Beyond that, once you have a Cruise Missile, just hit ‘Right’ on the D-Pad and aim for the red markers on the map. It’ll be the easiest kill you get in the match.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2023

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