How to Unlock the Amazing Spider-Man Suits in Spider-Man 2

Both TASM suits are in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

by Diego Perez
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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features both suits from The Amazing Spider-Man movies and they’re super easy to unlock. While Insomniac has prepared upgraded suits for both Peter and Miles to help them deal with the second game’s villains, there’s no beating some of Spidey’s best comic and movie-inspired suits. While the Amazing suit was included in the first game, fans have been dying to see the Amazing 2 suit in action since then. Thankfully, both of them are unlockable this time around. Here’s how to get both TASM suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

How to Get the TASM Suits in Spider-Man 2

The Amazing and Amazing 2 suits are unlocked back to back in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, with the former unlocking at level 8 and the latter becoming available at level 9. As such, they’re some of the first suits that you’ll unlock for Peter during your Spider-Man 2 playthrough.

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To reach level 8 and unlock the Amazing suit, just swing around the city and beat up some bad guys. Completing crimes and other optional activities will earn you a ton of XP if the main storyline hasn’t already gotten you to level 8. Plus, you’ll need Tech Parts and City Tokens to unlock the TASM suits, and these are only obtained by completing side content.

How to Get Tech Parts Fast

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Tech Parts come from every side activity in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, so you shouldn’t have any problems stocking up on them. Crimes are the best way to earn Tech Parts in the background as long as you stop to fight any criminals along your path when swinging through the city. Hunter Blinds are another great way to earn Tech Parts since they’re unlocked quite early in the story.

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Each TASM suit also requires one City Token to unlock, and you’ll need to complete specific activities to get these. City Tokens are obtained by completing Marko’s Memories, Photo Ops, and Brooklyn Visions Requests. You’ll have access to all of these super early in the game, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting City Tokens if you’re out.

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