How to Upgrade Players in MLB The Show 22

Learn how to get yourself playing better with these tips for MLB The Show 22!

by Shaun Cichacki


As you make your way through the ranks of MLB The Show 22, you’ll find yourself in need of upgrades, not unlike your typical RPG. Sports games have been taking the idea of XP and ways to “level up” your character for a while, but MLB The Show 22 takes that idea and runs with it. You’ll need to do a multitude of different things to make sure that your player is in tip-top shape, and is ready for the big leagues, or you’ll be left in the dust to sit on the bench for your whole career.

But, what do you need to do to level up your game, and get your character to the front of the pack? Follow along with us as we walk through different ways that you’ll be able to upgrade your character and the best ways to do so!

MLB The Show 22 – How To Upgrade Your Player


The easiest way to make sure that you are upgrading your player attributes is by playing games. We know that sounds simple, but the best way to make sure that you are consistently improving your character is by consistently upgrading the way that you are playing. The better that you do in games with your customized character, the better you’ll be able to upgrade them in the future. Find out what position you’d like to play with your character, and master that spot, as you’ll be able to help them soar to the top in no time by doing this.

Playing along with the Dynamic Obstacles system that publisher San Diego Studios has put into play will also help you out. You’ll be able to partake in different events that the publisher of the game puts out, and if you pass with flying colors, you’ll get an equally excellent character attribute bonus.

You’ll also be able to cheese the system a little bit, and farm for XP by performing a few different methods. This will help you upgrade your character the fastest that you possibly can, but it also does take away a little of the excitement of starting you off at nothing, earning your way to the top through practice and trials and tribulations.

Making sure that you’re up for the task of going from rags to riches is fairly easy, but with some of the more complex controls hidden within the menus, you may need a little bit of help. Thankfully, everything from hitting to pitching has been refined and made more accessible to those that are making their first entry into the series, as well as making things more exciting for those that are long-time players.

MLB The Show 22 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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