How to Upgrade Torgal’s Pedigree and Attacks in Final Fantasy 16

Here is how you can upgrade Torgal's Pedigree and attack power in Final Fantasy 16.

by Christian Bognar
Final Fantasy 16 Torgal
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Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t follow the traditional formula for the series, where the player gets the chance to play as more than one character. Instead, the latest entry grants the player control of only one character — Clive. But Clive will have help from some allies along the way, and one of these trusty allies is a dog named Torgal. Players can command Torgal to heal and attack, making him the perfect companion for challenging battles. Players can upgrade Torgal as well, making him stronger. This guide will cover how to upgrade Torgal in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Improve Torgal’s Pedigree and Attack Power in Final Fantasy 16

Players can upgrade Torgal in Final Fantasy XVI by using him more in battle through commands. The more the player commands Torgal to attack and heal — the quicker its experience bar will increase and level up for stronger abilities. The experience bar is called “Pedigree.” The in-game description under the attribute tab bar states, “Pedigree affects Torgal’s attack potency and increases as Torgal accompanies Clive in battle.”

So, continue to use Torgal as much as you can in battle, and this Pedigree stat bar will slowly rise, making him stronger. There are two additional stats outside of Pedigree in the attribute section; check them out below.

  • Normal Attack (Sic) – a ground-based melee attack that becomes more potent as its level increases.
  • Lifting Attack (Ravage) – an aerial melee attack that will launch lighter enemies into the air. It becomes more potent as its level increases.

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Using these abilities as much as possible will level them up. I recommend keeping Torgals commands on screen — instead of the item tab — and using them as much as possible. You can always toggle back if you get low on health and need to use a potion, but remember, Torgal can also heal you.

As you continue to level up Torgal and play through the main story, you will come across side quests that reward accessories for Clive which improve the efficiency of Torgal. These are acquired through two side quests — A Bone to Pick and More Than Words. Both become available in the later half of the main story.

- This article was updated on June 22nd, 2023

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