How to Use Egg Coins in Party Animals

It's a gamble.

by Drew Kopp
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Party Animals is a game that generously rewards players who regularly return for a couple of rounds of friendly roughhousing. One of the prizes the game will give you as you climb in levels is Egg Coins, an in-game currency that can be spent to unlock even more content. Here’s how to use Egg Coins in Party Animals.

How to Get Egg Coins in Party Animals

In Party Animals, you are rewarded with experience points when you play a round, and the amount you get can be increased by winning, surviving longer than their opponents, and completing weekly challenges. You’ll level up once you reach a certain threshold, an achievement that usually nets you new cosmetic items you can equip onto your assortment of adorable animal avatars. At every fifth level, however, you’re instead rewarded with an Egg Coin, a shimmering golden token emblazoned with the likeness of the nutrient-rich white oval so many of us regularly consume with toast.

How to Spend Egg Coins in Party Animals

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Egg Coins are one of several forms of in-game currency you can accumulate in Party Animals, and like the rest, they can be used to acquire rarer cosmetics that you’re unlikely to unlock in regular play. To use Egg Coins, click the “Item Shop” icon in the screen’s bottom-left corner, then select the “Redeem Eggs” option in the top-right of the store page.

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Doing this will take you to a vending machine filled with prize eggs, and anyone who spent even a little time in an arcade as a kid ought to know where this is going. By inserting one of your hard-earned Egg Coins, you can play the machine and acquire a prize egg that contains a random cosmetic for your animals. The cosmetics you get from the prize egg machine tend to be of a higher rarity than the ones you unlock by leveling up, so you can expect to invest a lot of Egg Coins into the machine if you want to get the best costumes and skins.

While Egg Coins are the “legitimate” way of using the prize machine, the game does allow you to spend Nemo Bucks to use it instead. By spending 120 Nemo bucks, you can get one prize egg, and you bump that number to ten by spending 1200 Nemo Bucks. Spending Nemo Bucks does not influence the quality of the prize you receive. Still, it does give you more opportunities to unlock rarer cosmetics by increasing the number of times you generate a new prize.

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