How to Use Ouisa and Pneuma Blocks in Genshin Impact

Use Ouisa and Pneuma Blocks to find balance.

by Noah Nelson
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Once you’ve reached Fontaine in Genshin Impact, you’ll find a new mechanic called Ouisa Blocks and Pneuma Blocks. Ouisa Blocks are blue and Pneuma Blocks are yellow, and they are oddly named because they look more like spheres to me. Regardless, here’s how to use Ouisa and Pneuma Blocks in Genshin Impact.

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All Ways to Use Ouisa and Pneuma Blocks in Genshin Impact

There are two primary uses for Ouisa and Pneuma Blocks in Genshin Impact. One is for Pneumousia Relay puzzles and the other is for attacking enemies.

Once you’ve picked up an Ouisa or Pneuma Block, your next normal, charged, or plunge attack will emit an energy blast. Easy enough to understand.

Ouisa and Pneuma Blocks are more commonly used to solve puzzles. There can be random puzzles that appear when you pick up an Ouisa or Pneuma Block which are fairly straightforward, but the Pneumousia Relay puzzles are a bit trickier.

Pneumouisa Relays are blue, yellow, or green. To solve all Pneumouisa Relay puzzles, you need to find balance by having each Relay shine green. To do that, you need to use an Ouisa Block (the blue one) and hit the yellow Pneumouisa Relays to make them green and do the same with Pneuma Blocks (the yellow ones) with the blue Pneumouisa Relays.

How to Use Ouisa and Pneuma Blocks Underwater in Genshin Impact

Besides the beautiful countryside, Fontaine is special because it allows you to swim underwater. While you are underwater, you can solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and explore new areas. You can even use Ouisa Blocks and Pneuma Blocks underwater.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You can’t attack traditionally while underwater — instead, you have to use L2 (or the “water whip” ability) to interact with objects.

To use the Ouisa Blocks and Pneuma Blocks underwater, you need to find one and press square to have it follow you temporarily. Then, use the “water whip” to attack enemies or objects. Just like on land, the Ouisa and Pneuma Blocks give you an energized attack on enemies and will help you solve Pneumousia Relay puzzles.

And that is every way to use Pneuma Blocks and Ousia Blocks in Genshin Impact! Hopefully, this guide helps you solve puzzles and get more Primogems. Speaking of Primogems, you should redeem the free codes to get free Primogems while you still can!

- This article was updated on August 16th, 2023

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