How to Use the Neurocitor to Destroy the Steel Watch in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur's Gate 3, there's always another way to solve a problem

by Davi Braid
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By destroying the Neurocitor, you ensure that no one can control the Steel Watch of Baldur’s Gate. However, detonating it with Wulbren’s runepowder bomb could have dire consequences. Luckily, there’s a way to use the Neurocitor itself to put an end to the automatons. Here’s how.

How to Make the Gondians use the Neurocitor to End the Steel Watch

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In order to use the Neurocitor to save the city from the Steel Watch, follow these steps:

  • Save the Gondians you meet right as you enter the Foundry
  •  Talk to Gondian Zanner Toobin
  •  Free the families of the Gondians in the Iron Throne prison beneath the Gray Harbor
  •  Return to the Foundry and talk again to Gondian Zanner once the hostages are safe
  •  Fight your way to the Neurocitor within the Foundry
  •  Let Gondian Zanner Toobin take care of the Neurocitor

Assuming you have found the Foundry, you will see that Gondians are working for the cultists against their will. If you choose to detonate the entire facility, it would result in the death of many gnomes and their families. Gortash has kidnapped their loved ones and keeps them locked in an underwater prison.

The Gondians will explain everything once you defeat the cultists and rescue them upon entering the Foundry. In the next room, you will meet with the blind Gondian Zanner Toobin, who will also provide more information on all that is happening.

Where Is Gortash Hiding the Gondian Hostages in BG3?

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Gortash is keeping them in the underwater prison known as Iron Throne. It won’t be that simple to get there. First, you need to find a way in. Head to Flymm Cargos and look for the basement entrance. It would be advisable to quicksave before entering this area. Not only will entering it trigger a combat encounter, but you will also depend on a successful Perception check to find the basement. If you fail the perception check, you will have to load and hope the next time your characters see it.

Eventually, you will encounter Redhammer, the Dwarf, and his subversive. One way to persuade Redhammer is by passing multiple charisma checks. If successful, Redhammer will allow you to board the submersible without any further complications.

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If your Charisma isn’t quite up to par, another option is paying Redhammer off. By offering him 1000 gold, you can convince him to look the other way and let you board the submersible. If you’ve accepted the quest to avenge the dead Waveservant, you have a unique bargaining chip. You can offer to spare Redhammer from the Waveservants for passage to the Iron Throne.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

It might be a good idea to save here as well. You have approximately 8 rounds to free all the hostages while under attack by Sahuagin before the Iron Throne becomes completely flooded. It’s best if your party can move fast, withstand damage, and cast Mage Hand. You will need as many hands as possible to open the cages, keeping the Gondians locked while also making sure that the Sahuagin don’t attack them while they’re trying to escape.

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Upon returning to the surface, there’s a possibility that the mermaids who sent you after Redhammer may appear and initiate another combat encounter. If that doesn’t happen, or after dealing with the Waveservats, head back to the Foundry and let the Gondians know what you did. Talk to Zanner Toobin, and he will join your party temporarily. If he gets to the Neurocitor, he will find a way to explode the machinery without Wulbren’s runepowder bomb.

What Should You Do If Gondian Zanner Toobin Dies?

Zanner’s survival isn’t necessary for you to utilize the Neurocitor. If you have the Speak with Dead Ritual Spell, you can cast it on Gondian Zanner to ask him how to end the Steel Watch. He will provide you with a code to use on the Neuricitor. After talking to Gondian, go to the machine and use the option that says, “Recall the code Toobin Shared with you.” and be successful on an Intelligence Check with a DC of 7. A success means you’ve saved the city of Baldur’s Gate from the Steel Watch.

- This article was updated on October 19th, 2023

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