Infinity Kingdom Promo Codes List (December 2021)

All the promo codes you need to know about this month!

by Gordon Bicker


Infinity Kingdom codes are now available to be redeemed and the game has an abundance of codes that can be used in order to get additional rewards in the experience for eager players to get their hands on the items. This guide will list all of the Infinity Kingdom codes that can be gained and each one should be redeemed fast as they are quick to expire. There are a number of codes in this list for you to input.

Infinity Kingdom Codes

  • 2krlords: 500 gems, and five philosopher’s stones
  • cmkcol: 100 gems, one philosopher’s stone, and one random teleport also
  • phlycol: 100 gems, one medium AP recovery, and one philosopher’s stone
  • castleikkr: 800 gems, one lord rename, one 3 hour speedup, one 4 hour enhanced gathering, and one 4 hour protection barrier
  • wyncol: 100 gems, one philosopher’s stone, and five market orders
  • angrycol: 100 gems, one philosopher’s stone, and one contract builder
  • huaweiapp: 300 gems, three philosopher’s stones, ten 15 minute speedups, and ten market orders
  • huaweiik: 300 gems, three philosopher’s stones, three 1,000 exp rolls, and one 8 hour protection barrier
  • 9453bj4: 200 gems, one medium speedup chest, one heart of Norheim, and one philosopher’s stone
  • omg777: 200 gems, one philosopher’s stone, one 1 hour wood boost, and three 500 AP recovery
  • dontgo: 200 gems, one medium resource package, one contract builder, and one 1 hour wood boost
  • returngift: 200 gems, one territorial teleport, one 8 hour speedup, five 30 minute speedup, and ten market orders
  • infinity: Rare dragon chest key, 100 gems, one medium speedup chest, three medium resources optional chests, and one 4 hour protection barrier
  • tangor: This code will give one philosopher’s stone, one superior speedup chest, and 100 gems
  • ratio: This code will give one philosopher’s stone, one superior speedup chest, and a Random Teleport
  • sapodilla: This code gives 100 gems, one superior speedup chest and a Philosopher’s Stone
  • favoritedragon: This code will give you an abundance of rewards, first giving you 20,000 gold in total, 300 Gems, three Dragon’s Soul, and also three ’30m dragon upgrading speedup’ for your character to utilise.
  • hellokvk: The list of working codes keeps going on with this one rewarding you 500 gems, three philosopher’s stone and one major AP recovery

These are all of the working codes for the experience which can be redeemed at this very moment, be sure to get them while you can. Using these in-game will give you an edge on the battlefield against your foes. There are also many other codes for games such as Roblox that can be found on the site.


How to Redeem Infinity Kingdom Codes

The codes can be redeemed by firstly booting up the game. After which point, select the ‘avatar’ then press on settings, then redeem, and type in one of the codes from there. All of your rewards will now be available from that code and you can work your way through the list of codes to redeem. If you are looking for more code guides, be sure to check out our list on codes for the GTA Trilogy.

Will you be redeeming the Infinity Kingdom November codes this month?

Infinity Kingdom is available now on IOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

- This article was updated on December 1st, 2021