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Iron Man VR Chapter List – How Many Chapters Are in Iron Man VR?

How long is Iron Man VR?

by Diego Perez


Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a full-length VR adventure starring the Armored Avenger, letting you don the suit yourself and fly and shoot as Tony Stark. While it won’t keep you busy for as long as something like No Man’s Sky or Skyrim VR, Marvel’s Iron Man VR still features a fairly lengthy campaign that delivers an engaging Iron Man story. There are tons of optional challenges and trophies to work toward, but the main path of the game is fairly straightforward. This is how many chapters are in Marvel’s Iron Man VR.

Iron Man VR Full Chapter List

There are 12 chapters total in Iron Man VR, and each of them is listed below.

  • Chapter One – Out of the Blue
  • Chapter Two – Reloaded
  • Chapter Three – Hostile Takeover
  • Chapter Four – Best Practises
  • Chapter Five – Cage Match
  • Chapter Six – Living Laser
  • Chapter Seven – Ghost in the Machine
  • Chapter Eight – Bite the Bullet
  • Chapter Nine – Uncanny Valley
  • Chapter 10 – Laser Focused
  • Chapter 11 – Rock Bottom
  • Chapter 12 – Resilient

There’s also a short prologue before the first chapter begins, but it only serves as a tutorial that gets you up to speed with who Tony Stark is and teaches you how to fly in the suit. It shouldn’t take you too long to complete, though, so you should reach Chapter One pretty quickly as long as you don’t decide to spend some extra time learning the flying mechanics and trying to set a record on the initial flying course.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR has a lot to offer for superhero fans, and the feeling of blasting through an open environment in the Iron Man suit cannot be replicated through gameplay videos. Our Iron Man VR review called the game “easily one of the best PSVR releases without question,” and any PSVR owner should at least check out the available demo on the PlayStation Store to try the game out.

- This article was updated on:July 3rd, 2020

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