Is Dragon Quest Treasures a Sequel or Prequel?

Is Dragon Quest Treasures related to Dragon Quest XI? Find out here!

by Shaun Cichacki

When players first saw the reveal trailer for Dragon Quest Treasures, a familiar-looking face set off a world of speculation. While the art style may be a bit different, players instantly recognized Erik, the cool and collected assassin from Dragon Quest XI. However, they weren’t completely sure if this was a change of art style, leading to a more chibi-fied version of the sidekick, or a game set in a previous adventure.

Thankfully, as the release of this new adventure nears ever closer, gamers have finally received the answers they may be searching for. Grab your crew of monsters and men, and jump aboard the nearest ship to start searching for treasure as we find out if this takes place before or after the events of Dragon Quest XI!

Is Dragon Quest Treasures A Prequel Or Sequel To Dragon Quest XI?

Players jumping into the world of Dragon Quest Treasures will find themselves thrown into the shoes of Erik, who just so happens to be a kid in this title. This confirms that Treasures takes place before the events of Dragon Quest XI, and may lead to some in-depth analysis of how he changed into the ruthless thief we know and love. While searching for treasure across the globe, players will be treated to the events that helped shape them into a fan-favorite character in the newest entry in the long-running JRPG franchise.

With the change in combat styles, it will be interesting to see how well young Erik will be able to fare against monsters that are much larger than he is. We know for a fact that he is powerful, but what made him this way? In this Nintendo Switch exclusive title, gamers will be able to learn more about their past, their family, and more as they hack and slash their way on the Treasure Hunt of a lifetime.

It will be quite interesting to find out more, especially after the events that transpired during Dragon Quest XI. With the inclusion of Erik and Mia in this title, will we run into any other familiar faces along the journey to find all the treasures of the world, or will we find a new loveable sidekick to latch onto?

Dragon Quest Treasures will be available on December 9 for Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on December 5th, 2022