Is Thor in God of War Ragnarok?

The god of lightning looks to play an important role

by Christian Bognar

God of War Ragnarok is right around the corner, and with the massive success of the first one, fans are eagerly waiting to get going on Krato’s next adventure. From the announcements we have received from Santa Monica, there will be many new characters we will come in contact with throughout our Norse mythology journey, along with a ton of new enemies. A popular name mentioned is the famous god of lightning, Thor. Some players might wonder if he will appear in-game. Here is everything we know about Thor’s presence in God of War: Ragnarok and what part he will play.

Thor in God of War Ragnarok

Thor has captured the attention of tons of fans who have been following the details of this highly anticipated title. In the story trailer, the closing moments present a quick glimpse of a showdown between the god of lightning and Kratos himself. That small detail shows us that Thor will be a crucial enemy whose goal is to stop Kratos from succeeding in his mission.


Thor is known for his rash anger and his inability to control this anger in the story of Norse mythology. This is very important to know, considering Kratos can be looked at in the same way, having us think that these two are going to collide in a way that can be detrimental.

Not only that, Kratos and Atreus have already done tons of damage to Thor by killing his sons Magni and Modi in the first game back in 2018. That fact alone increases the looming presence of the lightning god in the whole story of God of War, making it clear Thor is coming back for vengeance.

From all the evidence mentioned, we can confirm that Thor will definitely be in God of War Ragnarok and will also have a huge role. It will be interesting to see if he turns out to be the final boss or if the game has something bigger up its sleeve. Ragnarok looks to be a massive improvement over its predecessor in enemy types, beautiful environments, and even improved traversal abilities. We can’t wait to play it when it releases this upcoming month.

God of War Ragnarok will be available on November 9, 2022, on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

- This article was updated on October 31st, 2022

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