Is World of Warcraft Coming to Game Pass?

Putting World of Warcraft on Game Pass is an exciting inevitability.

by Noah Nelson


Could World of Warcraft come to Game Pass? The better question is will it come to Game Pass. If you haven’t heard, Microsoft has recently acquired Activision Blizzard in a $68.7 billion dollar deal. Of course, World of Warcraft falls under that umbrella, so the question remains: is World of Warcraft coming to Game Pass?

The recent Microsoft acquisition has thrown all Activision Blizzard properties up in the air. Immensely popular games like Call of Duty might become Xbox exclusives in the future. Even future games that might be seen in 2023 at the earliest like Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV could be Xbox exclusive. We’ve discussed each game’s future in length, so be sure to check out those articles.


What is World of Warcraft?

For those unfamiliar with World of Warcraft, the original MMORPG launched in 2004 with a subscription-based model that cost around $15 a month per account. Because of this initial hurdle, many eager gamers couldn’t access what could have been one of their favorite games of all time because of the monthly subscription asking price.

The fact that World of Warcraft has survived all these years speaks for itself. They have built a dedicated fan base that, through thick and thin, plays World of Warcraft nonstop. The game has seen numerous updates and additions since its conception which means new Game Pass players would have oodles of content to enjoy.

World of Warcraft on Game Pass?

Though World of Warcraft already has a subscription model, Xbox would be wise to fold it into Xbox Game Pass and/or PC Game Pass. One of the reasons why Game Pass has been so successful (and will continue to be successful) is gamers get to play multiple games they otherwise never would have picked up. Instead of paying $60 for a game that may or may not be good, gamers can pay one low monthly subscription fee to have a plethora of old games, day one games, and MMOs like World of Warcraft.

To see World of Warcraft relaunch for a new generation similar to Overwatch 2 or new Fortnite chapters would invite new and old players to check it out. With Amazon’s New World receiving so much love recently, giving easy access to one of, if not the best, fantasy MMORPG in the world to gamers via Game Pass is a no-brainer. Plus, we’d love to see it come to consoles.

Though the Microsoft acquisition doesn’t close and become official until mid-2023, we hope to see World of Warcraft come to Game Pass. For all future news, be sure to check in with Attack of the Fanboy.

World of Warcraft is available on PC.

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