Last Epoch Mastery Tier List: Best Classes in Last Epoch, Ranked

Check out the best Masteries in Last Epoch!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: Eleventh Hour Games, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

In true ARPG fashion, Last Epoch players can make use of five different classes, each featuring their own set of Masteries. But what are the best Masteries in the game? Now, here are the best Masteries in Last Epoch, ranked.

Last Epoch Mastery Tier List: Best Classes in Last Epoch, Ranked

Before we dive into the tier list, it’s important to point out that this list’s purpose is not to in any shape or form discourage you to play as your favorite mastery. You can check out a tier list featuring all masteries currently featured in Last Epoch below:

S-TierNecromancer / Paladin / Druid / Linch
A-TierSpellblade / Bladedancer / Marksman / Sorcerer / Void Knight
B-TierForge Guard / Shaman / Beastmaster

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S-Tier, Explained

Among the 12 Masteries currently featured in Last Epoch, the best are the Necromancer, the Paladin, the Linch, and the Druid. The Paladins set themselves apart through their ability to tank and actively support your party. The mastery is also one of the game’s most self-sustainable ones.

The Necromancer shines through her ability to swarm your enemies with seemingly unending hordes which can work as both supports or on the front lines, depending on your party or enemy.

The Druid can be considered the game’s top offensive tank, given his ability to deal massive damage and wide array of defensive skills/AoE abilities. The Linch, on the other hand, gives players the ability to make constant use of status ailments while also allowing them to exchange HP for an increase in overall damage.

A-Tier, Explained

In the A-tier we have masteries that, although not able to excel in all scenarios, are also capable of making their mark in the field through the use of select skills and party compositions. The representatives of the tier are Bladedancer, Marksman, Sorcerer, Spellblade, and Void Knight.

While the Spellblade and the Bladedancer excel thanks to their ability to deal various types of damage in quick succession while also staying mobile, the Marksman shines through its ability to deal all kinds of damage at a distance. The Mastery also sets itself apart as one of the best for those looking to play solo.

Like the Maskman, the Sorcerer also specializes in long-range damage, but the mastery has its ability to perform massive AoE attacks as its specialty. Last but not least, the Void Knight allows players to experience a variant of the standard warrior style by making use of the void element for extended damage and handy effects.

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B-Tier, Explained

On the B-Tier, we have masteries that need to be equipped with the right skills and be featured in the right party compositions in order to work. The representatives of the tier are Forge Guard, Shaman, and Beastmaster.

While Forge Guard is a mastery focused mainly on dealing close-quarters damage, the Shamans shine thanks to their ability to thoroughly support the party. The Beastmaster has his ability to fit a wide array of playstyles as his biggest strength.

- This article was updated on April 4th, 2023

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