Last of Us Part 2 – Seattle Gate Code Guide

All the gate codes to get in and around Seattle

by Kyle Hanson

While exploring the post apocalyptic wasteland of a zombie infested Seattle you might think you’ll be totally free to roam. That’s not the case though, as a couple of locations feature gates that have been locked down for what seems like months or years. Thankfully though, you do discover a handy list of the gate codes, though some have been work away over the years. To help out, here’s all the Seattle gate codes in The Last of Us Part 2.

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Seattle Gate Codes

You won’t end up using most of these, but I’ll include them for completion’s sake. The Main Gate is the first one you encounter and is where you’ll find this list if you explore enough. You’ll need at least two more, including one that has been scratched away by the sands of time. So here’s all of them that we have.

Main Gate – 0512
North 0 – 1382
East 1 – 7302
East 2 – 5345
West 1 – 6128
West 2 – 0451

These are all the ones on the list plus one discovered out in the world. This should get you all the way through Seattle without any trouble, with many of the gate codes not being used since you only explore a small portion of the city. For any gate you just need to make sure it has power so check out our guide on how to start generators if you need help there.

Once it’s powered up you just need to enter the code found above for whatever gate you’re looking to open. Once it’s opened up you should be all set, but be ready for another road block later on. The early sections of the game can lock you down from time to time, but you’ll make it through eventually. Hopefully knowing all the Seattle gate codes in The Last of Us Part 2 will help you out though.