Lords of the Fallen Mana Regen Ring: How to Get the Manastone Ring

Learn how to get the Manastone Ring in Lords of the Fallen.

by Christian Bognar
How to Unlock the Inferno Vendor in Lords of the Fallen
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The most important ring for a Radiant, Inferno, or Umbral build in Lords of the Fallen is the Manastone Ring, which consistently fills your mana bar. It can be tricky to find, but we have you covered as this guide will walk you through the Manastone ring location and how to get it.

How to Get the Manastone Ring in Lords of the Fallen

Players can get the Manastone Ring in Lords of the Fallen from the Inferno vendor, the Tortured Prisoner, after freeing her from her cage. At first, she won’t have the ring in her inventory, but once you beat the Spurned Progeny boss (9th boss) at the end of Calrath Slums, you can purchase the Manastone Ring from her.

After defeating the Spurned Progeny boss, it will drop an item called the “Giant Eyeball,” which you must then give to the Tortured Prisoner Inferno vendor, who is found where you defeated Pieta (first boss). After giving her the Giant Eyeball, she will move locations to where you fought the Spurned Progeny.

Lastly, you must find the Noblewoman’s Set in the Upper Calrath B area (after Cistern area). It’s on the main path and hard to miss. Once you have the Noblewoman’s Set, equip it and return to the woman you gave the Giant Eyeball too. She will now have the Manastone Ring in her inventory. The Manastone Ring costs 3000 Vigor.

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If you have yet to free the Tortured Prisoner (inferno vendor) from her cage at Skyrest, check out our guide on unlocking the Inferno vendor in Lords of the Fallen

Here is a quick summary of how to free her:

  1. Find the Skyrest Bridge Key behind Skyrest.
  2. Get the Searing Accusation item within Skyrest.
  3. Give the Tortured Prisoner the Searing Accusation item.

After following those three steps and resting at a Vestige, the Tortured Prisoner will become an Inferno vendor for you at Pieta’s boss arena.

How Many Rings Are in Lords of the Fallen?

There are over 60 rings in Lords of the Fallen, with 63 being discovered so far. With the dual realm mechanic and the amount of hidden areas in the game, there may be more lying around that players still need to discover. So, this number may rise in the following weeks.

No matter which build you are going for, there is a ring that will improve your overall potential. For example, some increase radiance damage, others strength, and even some increase the amount of Vigor you get from defeating enemies!

- This article was updated on October 23rd, 2023

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