Lost Ark Slayer Class Release Timeline

Are you wondering when the new Slayer Class will release?

by Gordon Bicker

Lost Ark is adored by many players who decide to start playing through the game, whether they are working on getting Ship Blueprints or simply just exploring the world and hoping to experience new classes such as the Slayer, there is always something to do. Of course, with more conversation building around the Slayer class, you may be wondering when the actual release for them is. This article will inform you of everything we know about the Lost Ark Slayer Class release date.

Lost Ark Slayer Class Release Date

The Slayer Class was released in the Korean version of the game on January 18, 2023, there are currently no details about when the class will be making its way over to other regions but it could be expected that it would be sometime during 2023. However, this is just speculation at the time of writing and when any official details are released this article will be updated with the latest information.

The Slayer Class looks to be similar to the Berserker class except it is a female version since classes are gender-locked. Classes are always of course a major discussion point for players so due to the fact that the Slayer Class isn’t currently in any other versions it has sparked some curiosity as to why.

Why Does Korea Get the Slayer Class Earlier?

There has been a good number of times when the Lost Ark Korean version gets new classes earlier for the game. Since it was originally released in South Korea in 2019 there is still to this day some content that needs to get transferred over to the Western version. With the Slayer class, this seems like a development decision by the team to have it on the Korean version first.

While you are waiting for the Slayer class to be released in the US, you can go onto the best servers in Lost Ark and get even more experience with all of the other classes first before taking on the mantle of the new Slayer class before you know it.

Lost Ark is available at this very moment on PC.

- This article was updated on January 19th, 2023

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