Best Lost Ark Servers: Which Server Should You Choose?

Choosing servers in Lost Ark!

by Gordon Bicker
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Lost Ark has many players who tend to wonder about which server to choose when booting up the game. Before anyone tries to work out what some of the best support classes are in the game and other likewise classes, they will likely want to actually choose a great server. This article will take you through some of the best Lost Ark Servers.

The Best Lost Ark Servers — Server Selection at Its Finest

In order to choose the best server for you, it is better to stay within your region when choosing a server as this will allow for a better connection. It also depends on the population of each server and how many players are utilizing them while playing and starting to choose their class.

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Usually, you will find that the servers listed higher in the list in-game for a region will be the ones that have the highest player counts. In order to avoid the higher numbers, select one that is deeper into the main list of servers. You can also visit the official website and go to the ‘server status’ to find information on their connection states when deciding on what the best server is for you.

All of The Active Lost Ark Servers

There are many servers that were available for the early access period of the game that has now been locked for players, this list comprises all of the active servers at the moment for players to choose from. Some of the best servers have been bolded for you in the list.


  • Antares
  • Beatrice
  • Brelshaza
  • Calvasus
  • Inanna
  • Neria
  • Nineveh
  • Procyon
  • Sceptrum
  • Sirius
  • Slen
  • Thaemine
  • Wei

Northwest America:

  • Akkan
  • Enviska
  • Shandi

Northeast America:

  • Adrinne
  • Aldebaran
  • Danube
  • Elzowin
  • Galatur
  • Karta
  • Kharmine
  • Ladon
  • Sasha
  • Vykas
  • Zosma

South America:

  • Agaton
  • Arcturus
  • Gienah
  • Kazeros

Does Server Choice Truly Matter in Lost Ark?

Whether you are battling bosses after finding them such as Rovlen or simply exploring the world. Server choice will indeed play a role in your gameplay as the connection to the server will also determine what lag you receive while playing if any. Ensuring you are also on the same server as your partner if you are wanting to play together is another great step to make sure you are doing.

No matter what server you choose you will still get to experience every piece of content that is available to you. In that way, there is no real effect of server choice other than connection and the general region. Whenever you decide upon a server you can get ready to battle against the fierce enemies solo or with others.

- This article was updated on March 22nd, 2023

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