Best Lost Ark Solo Classes

Find out which classes to try when starting up a solo playthrough of Lost Ark!

by Shaun Cichacki
Lost Ark

As players jump into the action-packed world of Lost Ark, it may feel a bit daunting to jump right in without much knowledge of the world before you. However, while this game may be set up as a standard MMO, players hoping to jump in on their own can also find plenty of fun and action awaiting them.

However, finding out the best classes to use as a Solo Player can make or break the experience for the majority of players. There is plenty of fun to be had, but if players are jumping in without much prior knowledge of their classes may find themselves suffering more than they should without help from others. So, let’s find out the best Solo Classes currently available in Lost Ark!

Best Solo Player Classes In Lost Ark

With a total of 17 classes to choose from, picking one can be a bit daunting at first. However, as players continue creating their perfect character, ensuring that they have the best choice for their playstyle can make this experience much more enjoyable than ever. Let’s find out the best classes to jump into the world of Lost Ark with, and those that are the most beginner friendly, and work great for those hoping to play this game on their own.



For those hoping to use a giant sword to their advantage and absolutely decimate their foes, the Berserker class is the perfect chance to live out a power fantasy. Alongside plenty of excellent abilities that can help players out of plenty of sticky situations, the Berserker class is great for both veterans and newer players. This is also one of the easiest classes to pick up and play right away, especially for those that are more familiar with the Diablo‘s of the world.



The Gunlacer is one of the best choices for those hoping to Tank their way through the game, no matter if players are playing by themselves, or with friends. For those that are hoping to jump right into the fray of battle without needing to taste defeat, the Gunlancer class is something to look into. They may be massive in size, but they’re also massive in the amount of power they possess within their skillset, and can push players to new heights while learning the ropes.



One of the most beginner-friendly classes, Scrappers offers plenty of power and a great pool of health to ensure that players giving them a run for their money are well compensated. Alongside an insane speed-to-power ratio, players will find that Scrappers can also prepare them to jump into some of the more advanced classes in the future. However, for those willing to put the time and effort into this class, the Scrapper is valuable for solo play, as well as with friends in the future.



Getting to deal massive damage while wielding two blades turns the Deathblade into one of the best overall classes that players can use, no matter if they’re playing with friends or on their lonesome. Not only will they be a class that can help gamers get through the early game with little to no issue, but they’re also able to become one of the most powerful classes in the game if players learn everything they can about them.



For gamers hoping to smash through their enemies at a ranged distance, the Gunslinger may be one of the greatest classes ever to exist. Getting to use quite a few unique firearms while on the battlefield, the Gunslinger is also one of the quickest classes in the game. Those hoping to live out their dream of becoming a cowboy in this wild world should give this class a try, even if they’re playing on their own. The Gunslinger class is great for all skill levels but can be quite difficult to master for players new to the genre.



Might and magic go hand in hand when it comes to playing with the Sorceress. Getting to slam through foes while casing tons of screen-filling spells is exciting, and those that are willing to devote the time to mastering the Sorceress class are bound to find something quite special here. However, it can be one of the most difficult classes to learn in the long haul, so players need to ensure that they’re ready to play plenty of Lost Ark before they become the mage they’ve always meant to be.



Much like the Gunslinger, the Artillerist is going to depend on massive firepower to deal damage to their enemies. However, unlike the Gunslinger, players choosing this class are in for a more explosive time. Slower and more methodical, you won’t need the brains to use this particular class’s brawn. Big guns equal big power, and the Artillerist is the perfect class for those ready to blast their foes into a new world. This particular class offers some of the most damaging attacks currently available, so if you’re hoping to destroy your enemies without thinking twice, this is the best class for you to start your playthrough with!



For those hoping to cause plenty of damage while not needing to worry about damage, the Paladin may be the perfect class to utilize. While the Paladin may normally be a defensive-based class for those hoping to keep their friends safe, with some patience and proper building, this class can become one of the most powerful currently available in the world of Lost Ark. No matter your play style, the Paladin may be one of the best classes to start with if you’re hoping to learn the way that the world works around you.

No matter the type of player you are, there is a class for you to choose and learn. If you’re hoping to explore the world in search of Ship Blueprints or hoping to eventually jump in with friends for the ultimate MMO experience, Lost Ark has plenty of excitement within its veins.

Lost Ark is available now on PC.

- This article was updated on January 23rd, 2023