Best Support Classes in Lost Ark: Ranked Tier List

These are the best support classes in Lost Ark.

by Diego Perez

There are a ton of classes in Lost Ark to choose from that fill a variety of roles, and the support classes are surprisingly more popular than you’d think. There aren’t that many of them, though, and the support playstyle isn’t for everyone. In a game like Lost Ark where flashy skills and abilities are front and center, a support role doesn’t seem like the most exciting thing. Still, supports are a ton of fun to play in Lost Ark with the right builds, and the game’s support classes aren’t the typical healers that you’d expect from other RPGs. Here’s what you need to know about the best support classes for your character in Lost Ark.

What is the Best Support Class in Lost Ark?

Support classes make up a small minority of the class roster in Lost Ark, with only two of the game’s 15 classes being supports (at least in the western release). Each of the supports is also gender locked, so it’s hard to make a ranked tier list of the best supports in Lost Ark given the restrictions. It really comes down to playstyle preference, since the two supports in the game — Paladin and Bard — couldn’t be more different from one another.



The Paladin is an advanced class for the Warrior, unlocked by reaching level 10 with your character. The Paladin is a gender-locked class with only male characters being able to take up the sword. While it’s classified as a support class, the Paladin actually plays closer to a tank, supporting allies from the frontline and protecting them from incoming attacks. It’s the beefier and more aggressive of the two support classes currently in Lost Ark.

Despite its classification as a support, the Paladin is still capable of dealing crazy amounts of damage with its huge sword and holy abilities. Shielding allies is only half of the battle. If you’re looking for a more traditional support class, however, then keep reading to learn about Lost Ark’s second support role.



The Bard is an advanced class for the Mage starter class. Just like the Paladin, it’s gender-locked, only this time it’s restricted to female characters. The Bard supports allies from the backline, making this class similar to supports in other games. While the Paladin focuses on shielding allies from incoming damage, the Bard specializes in healing allies that have already taken damage.

The Bard also has great crowd control abilities that can be used from long-range, making it a much safer role to play than Paladin. If you like to heal allies and stun hordes of foes, opening them up to even more damage from your team, then the Bard is the support class for you.

Lost Ark is available now on PC.

- This article was updated on January 9th, 2023

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