Madden 24 Passing Controls Guide: Lob, Bullet, Touch, High, and Low Passes

Learn how to throw all passes in Madden 24.

by Christian Bognar
Madden 24 Passing Styles
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Becoming a top performer in Madden 24 requires learning the ins and outs of being a great quarterback. Reading the defense is essential, and knowing which pass to throw can make all the difference in whether you complete a pass or throw an interception. This guide will cover how to throw all passes in Madden 24, including bullet, lob, touch, high, and low.

Contols for Every Pass Type in Madden 24

Learn how to throw all pass types in Madden 24 below. Further down in this guide, we will also explain the best time to throw each pass.

  • Bullet Pass – Hold down the receiver button you are throwing to.
  • Lob Pass – Tap the receiver button you are throwing to.
  • Touch Pass– Press then release the receiver button you are throwing to. The longer you press the button, the stronger the throw will be.
  • High Pass – Hold down LB (Xbox) or L1 (PlayStation) and then press the receiver button you are throwing to.
  • Low Pass – Hold down LT (Xbox) or L2 (PlayStation) and then press the receiver button you are throwing to.

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When to Throw Each Pass in Madden 24

Each of the passes calls for different situations in Madden 24. For example, throwing a lob pass when you should be throwing a bullet will result in an incomplete pass or interception. Below will explain when you should throw each pass.

  • Bullet – Throw to get to your receiver quickly. Do not throw when there is a defender in front of your receiver.
  • Lob – Throw this pass when your receiver is going deep or to get over the head of defenders.
  • Touch – This is a medium-strength pass and perfect for throwing when wanting to get the ball over a defender’s head while not sacrificing the speed of the throw too much.
  • High – Throw this pass when the defender has a height advantage over your receiver, or you want to lead your receiver down the field.
  • Low – This is the perfect pass to throw if the defender is over the top of your receiver. Placing the ball low will allow you to make a complete pass.

Now that you understand how to throw all types of passes in Madden 24, it’s time to learn about the different passing styles. There are three to choose from: Classic, Placement + Power, and Placement + Accuracy. Classic has no meter, while the other two have a meter that determines power or accuracy.

- This article was updated on August 22nd, 2023

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