Marvel Snap: Best On Reveal Effect Cards

Make your opponent fall for lots of traps with these On Reveal cards!

by J.R. Waugh
Marvel Snap features On Reveal cards that use the element of surprise to your advantage.

Marvel Snap is an excellent new card strategy game you can play on Steam or mobile devices, and is enjoyable for the clever plays you can execute thanks to the unique effects of its cards. All of the cards in the game feature different iconic Marvel characters with special corresponding abilities for each, and there are several categories of abilities one can have. A particular ability in Marvel Snap known as “On Reveal” can instantly change the tides of battle in your favor when used properly, especially when you build your deck to synergize well with it.

The 10 Best On Reveal Cards in Marvel Snap

On Reveal cards in Marvel Snap are cards whose abilities activate once both players have placed their cards and ended their turns, flipping the cards from their face-down positions similar to Trap Cards or Flip Effects in Yu-Gi-Oh! Due to the nature of On Reveal cards being meant to be a surprise to the opponent, many of the best cards in this list rank high for energy cost, which makes sense. While some On Reveal cards like Elektra have an obvious early usage in the early game, you can dominate the middle-to-end game with plays featuring the below On Reveal cards and their respective cost in Marvel Snap:

Iron Fist (1 Energy)


Iron Fist is a key character who can be reasonably played anytime before the final turn. His ability on reveal is to move the next card you play one location to the left after it reveals. This can feature excellently in decks where movement and location-swapping can disrupt your opponent’s advantage, and he acts as a nice and flexible method to activate Miles Morales’ ability or boost Kraven the Hunter with reinforcements and Power increases. You’ll need to make some slightly advanced plays to take full advantage of this character.

Carnage (2 Energy)


Carnage is an early asset you can play, although he is best used in the 3rd or 4th turn as part of a combo to consolidate forces on a location or bait your opponent into boosting their cards to fight him. With the ability to destroy other friendly cards on the same location, gaining +2 Power for each card meaning potentially a +6 boost, Carnage is a scary opponent to have. He is frighteningly efficient if you can feed him a line of Mr. Sinisters and Novas, the latter giving Carnage and other cards you have an additional +1 power, making him a scary threat in the mid-game.

Mister Sinister (2 Energy)


Mister Sinister’s effect might seem mundane when you remember that it only makes 1 clone of the card, itself only being 2 Power. But Mister Sinister is so malleable and synergizes very well with several different cards by being On Reveal, and if cleverly used, can result in multiple locations gaining coverage. He also makes a great, low-cost meal for Carnage, just saying.

Doctor Strange (3 Energy)


Doctor Strange is another tactical card meant to disrupt power balances in other locations like Iron Fist. His ability, however, can reel in the most powerful card or cards on the field to his location, meaning you can muster a mighty force and ruin your opponent’s plans. Movement in general is a highly effective way to outplay your opponent in this game, and Doctor Strange is one of the easiest ones to master in this regard.

Ironheart (3 Energy)


Ironheart is a shockingly dangerous card when used correctly, best used in the mid-game as soon as you draw her, to boost other cards on the field each by +2 Power. While this is certainly mild compared to boosts other cards can get, it can snatch away the advantage if you have thinly-populated locations lagging only by a few points. Watch your opponents sweat when you play it on Bar Sinister and have her moved by Iron Fist to make a total of 4 duplicates and 1 original, giving an amazing 15 collective boosts to your entire board.

Spider-Woman (5 Energy)


Spider-Woman is one of the most powerful cards in this list, and benefits immensely from also having a great On Reveal effect. When you flip Spider-Woman you’ll reduce each of the enemy cards on the location with -1 Power, which you can leverage to your advantage in endgame turns if you can successfully call where your opponent will play next, or if they have filled out their location with a close lead. Having 7 Power on top of all of that makes it all the more worth it, too.

White Tiger (5 Energy)


White Tiger’s application requires careful consideration and manipulation of the RNG. Simply put, she can give a point advantage to the location she is played on as well as a greater one to a separate location. If you play her, make sure a location other than her own is filled up so you know where it’s going, to give that area a +7 boost. Bar Sinister can create a hilarious Tiger invasion as well, much like any card that can trigger her ability multiple times.

Heimdall (6 Energy)


Heimdall can be your ultimate lynchpin for a Movement-themed deck, with 8 Power and the ability to move all other cards on the field one location to the left. This effectively means that, if you bait your opponent into massively boosting the right-most location, you can sack it and refocus on other areas as your final play, consolidating potentially huge advantages in the process. It also gives Kraven a hell of a boost from any cards that land in his location.

Odin (6 Energy)


Odin is a spectacular card whose ability can create bedlam for your opponent. If you build a deck featuring On Reveal cards like this and fill out the field with a wide array of deadly abilities, they’ll all receive an encore in what is usually the final turn, which is especially amusing when combined with cards like Spider-Woman or Ironheart. Be very careful though, if you have added cards to the same location as Carnage after feeding him, this might cost you dearly.

Spectrum (6 Energy)


Spectrum is an interesting On Reveal card in Marvel Snap in that she synergizes best in decks heavily featuring Ongoing effect cards. Her ability upon revealing is a mighty boost to all of your Ongoing cards, +2 Power to each. You can also get her early on in your Marvel Snap adventures, making her excellent material for a starter deck. Her 5 Power is nothing to scoff at, either.

Marvel Snap is ultimately about creating your dream team that synergizes well and takes advantage of the game’s mechanics. Any On Reveal card can bestow an advantage, but some can inspire entire deck ideas to surround them, so play on, knowing that the best plays are still being discovered.

- This article was updated on November 7th, 2022

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