Minecraft Dungeons – How to Access Hero Cape and Chicken Pet DLC Items

Claim your bonus DLC items.

by Diego Perez

Minecraft Dungeons is out now, and if you chose the more expensive Hero Edition of the game over the standard version, then you’re entitled to your very own Hero Cape and Chicken Pet DLC items when you start the game. The game doesn’t exactly point out how to easily access your DLC content, though, and there’s a chance you might even forget to equip any of it before you start grinding for loot across the game’s various levels. Thankfully, the Hero Cape and Chicken Pet DLC items that come with the Hero Edition are cosmetic items, so they won’t replace any of your hard-earned gear or mess with your fine-tuned builds in any way. This is how to access the Hero Cape and Chicken Pet DLC items in the Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons.

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How to Get the Hero Cape and Chicken Pet in Minecraft Dungeons

In order to get the Hero Cape and Chicken Pet in Minecraft Dungeons, you first need to make sure you have the Hero DLC content installed. It should have installed automatically when you purchased and downloaded the Hero Edition of the game, but if it didn’t, you should be able to redownload it just like normal DLC on whichever platform you’re playing on. Once you have everything installed, start the game and open your inventory. Select the Cosmetics tab and you should see your Hero Cape and Baby Chicken Pet ready to be equipped. The Cosmetics tab is to the right of your weapons and armor. The icon is a hanger.

The Hero Cape and Chicken Pet are only available in the Hero Edition of Minecraft Dungeons. If you went with the standard edition and want to get these items as well as the upcoming DLC packs, you can purchase the Hero Pass upgrade and get everything that comes with the more expensive version of the game.

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