Minecraft Dungeons Multiplayer – How to Play With Friends

Party up with friends locally or online.

by Diego Perez

Minecraft Dungeons is fun solo, but the game was clearly designed to be played with friends in cooperative multiplayer. The game supports up to four players either locally or online, allowing players to drop in and out of their friends’ games with ease. The difficulty dynamically scales based on party size, too, meaning larger groups will face tougher enemies. This is everything you need to know about Minecraft Dungeons multiplayer, including how to set up an online session, crossplay details, and if the game has split screen.

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How to Play With Friends in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons features both local and online multiplayer. To play with friends locally, just connect additional controllers on the character select screen. If you’re playing on PC, controllers are required for local multiplayer, as the game does not support one player on keyboard with the others on gamepads. Each player should be able to pick their own character before the game starts.

To play with friends online, select Online Game at the character select menu. This will bring up a menu showing any online friends, allowing you to easily join their game if there’s an open spot. You can also invite friends to your party before starting the game if you want to have everyone together from the beginning. After completing the Squid Coast tutorial level and reaching the Camp, you’ll be able to invite friends from within the game. Simply pull the menu and select the Start Online Game option to invite friends to play with you. It’s also worth noting that Minecraft Dungeons does not feature matchmaking of any kind, meaning you can only play with people on your friends list.


Does Minecraft Dungeons Have Split Screen?

Minecraft Dungeons does not feature split screen. You can still play with up to four people locally on the same system, but the camera will be focused on the party leader. The camera will zoom out a bit to accommodate more players, but the screen never splits so you can’t venture too far from player one. If someone roams too far from the first player, they’ll be teleported back to them.

Doe Minecraft Dungeons Have Crossplay?

At the moment, Minecraft Dungeons does not have crossplay. Minecraft has had cross-platform multiplayer for a while now, allowing players across multiple devices to play together, but Dungeons only lets you play with people on the same system. However, Minecraft Dungeons will get crossplay in a future update but there isn’t a release window for that update just yet. For more information about Minecraft Dungeons crossplay, check out our crossplay guide.

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