Misbegotten Warrior Boss Guide: How to Beat Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight in Elden Ring

Pick your targets and don't let them break your spirit.

by J.R. Waugh
Redmane Castle Plaza

You’ve gotten to the plaza in Redmane Castle at the outer reaches of Caelid in Elden Ring and face some terrible foes up ahead.  Perhaps you’ve infiltrated successfully and are either quite cunning to survive this long or have prepared yourself well and conquered every foe so far.  But the big challenge of the Castle lies just ahead of the fog, a double boss encounter that will prove quite challenging.  The next fight is with the Misbegotten Warrior in a gladiator confrontation between man and beast, but then the champion, the Crucible Knight, swoops in and makes it all the more dangerous.  Read on for our guide on How to Beat Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight in Elden Ring!

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Misbegotten Warrior Boss Guide: How to Beat Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight in Elden Ring


First Priority: Take Down Misbegotten Warrior


You enter the arena and the Misbegotten Warrior is waiting for you, seemingly alone, so take advantage of how easily it can be staggered, and while you fight, the Crucible Knight joins, so finish this initial enemy fast.  The Misbegotten Warrior doesn’t have too many distinctive attacks, but can close the distance with you quickly and is quite deadly.  It charges you, and it is fast, aggressive, and has deadly sword and stomp attacks capable of stunning and finishing you if you’re not careful.  If you carry a large shield capable of withstanding blows from this, keep it up but dodge when it stomps to prevent it from breaking your guard.

You want to avoid staying too close for too long, staggering it and rushing in for some melee damage, or occasional hits with heavy weapons which will also be quite effective, or guerrilla magic/projectile attacks.  One recommendation, even for magic-users, is to equip Ash of War: Storm Stomp at least on your main weapon and keep your magic weapon offhand.  The stomp stuns the monster and allows you a few free attacks.  You can build up enough attacks to break down its poise and unleash a powerful critical hit too, as it has low defenses.  You must finish this monster before the Crucible Knight joins, although thankfully, that boss is slow to catch up so you can kite the Warrior away if you need to.

Second Priority: Outlast the Crucible Knight


The Crucible Knight is bulky, defensive, and carries a big shield that will almost nullify any attacks, so bait him into using any of his slow strikes which lower his shield, at which point you can attack.  While his initial approach is slow, he can unleash deadly attacks, and once you reduce him to half HP, he can fly across the battlefield for a flying thrust attack, this can easily be dodged leaving him exposed.  Also, if you are fighting via close combat, he will likely use a golden tail swipe attack which hits close to medium range, sweeping left to right, so when you see the tail, dodge or run back.  At a quarter HP, he becomes even more aggressive, particularly with tail swipes and flying attacks.

For Magic Users

If you choose magic as your approach, let him attack and try to get an angle where you can cast plenty of attacks, then runCarry lots of Cerulean Tears for this.  If he two-hands his sword, he’s also wide open to a barrage, so pick your fastest, most powerful attacks, keep your distance, and cast away.  This will be a battle of chip damage, but the Crucible Knight doesn’t have a proper answer for Magic-Users unless he makes it into close combat.

For Close Combatants


As has been previously covered in our guide on a separate Crucible Knight encounter, many of his attacks can be parried, and you can wait out his combos to go in when he is exposed.  This phase of the fight works well with quick, powerful strikes, although once you get him to half HP, prepare for lots of dodging and to weather his quick attacks.  Unlike the Misbegotten Warrior, this boss has longer pauses between combos, so take advantage and wear him down.

Spoils of Victory


You win the fight and are rewarded with the Ruins Greatsword, an awesome heavy weapon with solid Strength scaling but requires 50 Strength to wield.  Also, you’ll get to meet Witch-Hunter Jerren, who becomes important later on.

This concludes our guide on How to Beat Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight in Elden Ring!  This is a tough encounter and ranks among one of the more punishing fights in the game so far, and there’s no shame if you want a co-op partner to split the aggro of these bosses.  Be sure to check out more guides like this, and forge on into new adventures across Caelid and beyond!

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