Modern Warfare – How to Check Watch

To check your watch you need to have a gesture equipped.

by AOTF Staff

Modern Warfare has a feature in the game which allows you to earn watches which can be checked during the game.  Watches have different looks and different functionality, which include things like showing you the real time, showing your kills and deaths, or showing you your current rank.

Checking your watch in Modern Warfare is tied to a gesture in the game.  So to check your watch in Modern Warfare you need to have the gesture equipped and then press the gesture button to open the wheel and perform the move.

How to Check Watch Modern Warfare

  1. Equip Watch Check Gesture
  2. Open Gesture Menu (hold up on d-pad)
  3. Select Watch Check Gesture during match

To equip the Gesture you need to head into the Barracks and then head to the Gestures section.  Simply select and equip the gesture to your wheel.  Once you have it equipped you can then use the Gesture during a match by pressing and holding up on the d-pad.  Then you can use the right stick to switch between the gestures and sprays that you have equipped.