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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Eat and Get Food Buffs

Never skip a meal if you want to enter battle with an advantage.

by Brandon Adams


Remembering to eat a hearty meal for food buffs before a hunt in Monster Hunter Rise is an important task every player should make a habit of completing prior to leaving Kamura Village. The various buffs you can gain will give you an edge in battle, and besides, who likes fighting giant dragons, dinosaurs, and other beasties on an empty stomach?

Visit the Canteen in Kamura Village or the Gathering Hub to eat and gain food buffs in Monster Hunter Rise.

The Canteen is where you’ll eat the majority of your meals in Monster Hunter Rise. In Kamura Village it is next to the two palicos hammering away at the dango rice flour. You may think to yourself, “I just have to talk to the girl, right?”

Nope, wrong! She’ll simply offer up some conversation, not food. To actually eat in Monster Hunter Rise you need to go to her right and interact with the blue pillows in front of a low serving table. As for the Gathering Hub, the Canteen is located in both the rear overlooking the river, and around the tree in the center. Just interact with a blue seat at one of the tables to enter the meal menu in Monster Hunter Rise.

Once the “Canteen” prompt comes up select it to enter the order menu. Selecting “Eat a Meal” will bring up the choice to pay with either Money or Kamura Points – whichever you choose – and you’ll see the prices on the right. Also listed is the amount of Health and Stamina you’ll receive from the dango meal, in addition to the “Daily Special” (a special dango with a solid buff).

After selecting which Monster Hunter Rise currency you will use to order your meal you’ll be able to select “Order Bunny Dango”. In this menu you’ll build your food buff from three different available dango. Highlighting each will reveal their buff next to some literal flavor text, and you can see the chance of that buff activating on the left.


You can filter dango with L and R to swap tabs based on the flavor profile (and in essence the style of buff provided). If you have a dango ticket you can also use it here to increase the chance of the buffs you’ve picked activating. Additionally, more dango variants (and therefore buffs) can be gained from completing Village quests, so keep an eye out for those.

Once you’ve selected your three dango in Monster Hunter Rise you will have the choice to either “Order” the meal (and gain your custom food buff), or to “Register to Set”. The last option is where the “Order the Usual” in the previous menu comes into play. Registering dango to one of the 32 available slots will allow you to quickly eat a meal with the exact buffs you want, so you won’t have to hand-make your dango every time you plan to have a meal.

If you happen to forget to eat a meal for a food buff before leaving for a hunt in Monster Hunter Rise don’t fret. Much like changing your equipment and weapons, you can eat in the field. Simply enter the tent at one of your camps and select “Eat a Meal”. You won’t be able to do so if you’ve recently eaten, but this method of eating a meal in Monster Hunter Rise is equally great for those long hunts where you’re likely going to need to refresh your food buff.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on:March 26th, 2021

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